Say No To Motion Sickness – Subliminal Messaging Can Help

Say No To Motion Sickness – Subliminal Messaging Can Help

Are you prone to having motion sickness whenever you travel? This may seem like a small problem, but have you ever thought about all the opportunities you miss, places you can’t go to, and experiences that are ruined by a bad case of motion sickness? This can, at worse, put up boundaries around you or, at the least, put a dent on all your travel memories.

Motion sickness can hit a person in many ways. Some people get car sick, some people get sea sick, some people get sick when they ride airplanes, and some people get sick whenever they need to travel away from home.

If you suffer from any kind of motion sickness, here are some effective tips to get rid of it.

1. Find the actual cause. The first step in overcoming motion sickness is to determine its actual cause. Sometimes, some additional factors may be causing the sickness, not just the motion itself. For example, do you usually read when you travel or do you play music in the car? Do you get sick when you eat or drink in the car? Perhaps the reading, eating, or the music are what cause the problem, not the movement itself. This will help you get down to the root of the problem so you can avoid what triggers it.

2. Try to sleep. If you can’t help the sickness, then the best thing you can do in that situation is to try and fall asleep. It also helps to keep your eyes focused on the front window, not on the side windows.

3. Don’t read in the car. Reading and eating are definitely the two most common causes of motion sickness. Avoid reading in any moving vehicle. Not only does this cause motion sickness, but it can also strain the eyes. Reading makes your body resists movement in general because you need to focus on one page. This wrecks the equilibrium of the body.

3. Engage your mind. One of the best ways to overcome motion sickness is to just get your mind off it. The more you concentrate on what you feel, the more intense it will become. So what you should do is engage the mind. Since most other activities done while traveling can only aggravate your condition, the best sickness-free way to engage the mind is to send subliminal messages to your subconscious mind that you are not sick.

Subliminal messaging engage the mind because it relaxes the conscious mind and opens up the subconscious. Aside from giving you something to focus, on, it also relaxes you.

Some examples of anti-motion-sickness subliminal messages are:

I love to travel.

I am free from motion sickness.

I feel calm and relaxed when traveling.

My body handles motion well.

I feel steady and comfortable when visiting new places.

If you focus on these messages constantly on your trips, you can even say goodbye to motion sickness for good. This is because your subconscious mind will be trained and accustomed to the feeling of traveling. Once your body and mind get used to it, your natural sickly response will disappear.