Say Goodbye To Clumsiness with Subliminal Messaging

Say Goodbye To Clumsiness with Subliminal Messaging

Some people grow up being called and thinking that they are clumsy. Clumsiness can be quite a challenge to deal with. You can only stare in awe at those people who seem to have been born with a natural gracefulness, while you keep falling over your own feet, stumbling over almost anything, spilling drinks, knocking things over, dropping things, tripping every few steps, and so on. Aside from the embarrassment, you won’t help but feel like you are a hazard to yourself and to others as well.

Say Goodbye To Clumsiness with Subliminal Messaging

Say Goodbye To Clumsiness with Subliminal Messaging

Clumsiness is not considered a medical condition, and you can’t really get professional help for it unless it is an effect or a symptom of an underlying medical condition. So if you want to overcome clumsiness, you’re going to have to help yourself.

1. Be in the moment. One of the most important ingredients in an organized life is mental awareness. This is a state of being in the moment, or being aware of what you are doing and what is going on around you, no matter how pressured things get. If you have a strong state of mental awareness, your mind can easily pick up things and signals, like it will see that small box in the corner that you can easily trip over. But if you are not mentally aware, it’s like you are only half-conscious, so it’s easy to miss the things that you can walk into, run into, step on, or knock over.

  • Meditation. There are many effective ways to improve your mental awareness. One of them is meditation. Meditation helps boost your ability to concentrate on a specific object, to pick up the smallest signals when you need to, and to block out unnecessary or unimportant things. This will all help you be more mentally aware.
  • Subliminal messaging. Another way of improving mental awareness is through subliminal messaging. Subliminal messages are messages designed to communicate with the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is the part of the mind that controls your habits, actions, and behavior – those that you feel are beyond your control. You can’t consciously control these. That’s why you can’t keep yourself from falling over, stumbling, or dropping things. But your subconscious mind can, if only it is properly programmed to prevent such accidents from happening.

To program the subconscious mind, all you have to do is send subliminal messages to it. You can do this by focusing on these messages, listening to subliminal MP3s, or watching subliminal videos.

Here are some examples that can help eliminate clumsiness from your life:

I am always careful in everything I do.

Carefulness is natural to me.

I pay attention to everything I do.

I am very observant.

I am fully in control of my movements.

I am fully aware of my surroundings.

2. Don’t overthink. One of the reasons why most people get into clumsy accidents is that they tend to overthink their actions. Your subconscious is what rules over your habits, not your conscious mind. The more you try to control your every action, the more likely you will face clumsy consequences because you keep on thinking whether you are doing the right move or taking the right step. So try not to overthink your movements and just be comfortable with who you are.

3. Boost your confidence. People usually become clumsier when they are self-conscious. Thus, a boost in your confidence can help keep you naturally comfortable in your surroundings and can prevent clumsiness. Subliminal messaging can also help boost your confidence.