Rise above the Fear of Doctors

Rise above the Fear of Doctors

Hundreds of people are afraid of doctors—or at least going to hospitals. Nevertheless, they still take time to have themselves checked when it’s absolutely necessary. Then there are others who fear them a lot they avoid all opportunities of meeting and talking with doctors. If you belong to the latter group, then you should be worried. It simply means you’re also saying no to the chance of getting treated or cured properly by a professional.


But how do you really reduce or even eliminate the fear? You may begin with the following:


1. Know the main reason for the fear. You may say, “I really don’t know why I’m scared,” but the truth is the real reason is just within your subconscious. Because this part of your mind is so hidden and seldom used, you really don’t remember it. If not, you have chosen to conceal or keep the memory trapped in the deep recesses of your mind.


A good way to remember it is through hypnosis. In the process of hypnosis, you are placed in a very relaxed state, so you can tap into your subconscious and access the memory, usually the trauma, that causes you to fear doctors. Once the memory is tapped, you may then be asked to deal with it head on. This means you acknowledge that the trauma has happened, but you don’t let it affect the way you live your life.


Usually, subliminal messages are used along with hypnosis. The affirmations can be helpful in relaxing you quickly. They can also assist in tapping your subconscious and, most of all, in influencing the way you think. Instead of allowing negative thoughts to control you, you allow positive things to fill your mind.


You can practice self-hypnosis. Subliminal messages these days can already be downloaded or purchased in their CD versions.


2. Find a doctor you know. It would help ease your fears if you choose a doctor who may also be your friend. This way, it’s easy for you to condition your mind into thinking that you’re just visiting a friend when you go to a health care facility.


3. Be proactive. Doctors vow to preserve your life and cure you. However, they cannot do anything without your permission. Simply put, you do have a lot of control on how you want yourself to be healed. You simply need to be proactive or be participative in the treatment process. You can even discuss with your physician your fears. He or she can do something to make you feel relaxed during check-ups or examinations.


4. Have someone with you. You can obtain some strength from friends and family members. If you feel like you’re getting scared of seeing a doctor, ask someone to accompany you. Their presence may also take your mind off from your fear, as you can talk to them while waiting.


5. Try it. You’ll never really know that you can conquer your fear unless you’re going to give it a try. Muster a lot of strength and courage, head to a health care facility, and have yourself checked.



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