Relive Your Past Life with Past Life Regression Hypnosis – Myth or Fact?

Relive Your Past Life with Past Life Regression Hypnosis – Myth or Fact?

Past life regression hypnosis is a method used to recover memories from people’s past lives or incarnations; since there is no scientific proof regarding the truth about past lives, the results of past life regression hypnosis are considered as fantasies or delusions. There are different beliefs as to where these supposed memories come from. Some think that they come from suggestions made by the therapist or hypnotist, some believe that they come purely from the mind’s imaginative abilities.

Relive Your Past Life with Past Life Regression Hypnosis - Myth or Fact?

Relive Your Past Life with Past Life Regression Hypnosis - Myth or Fact?

Why Do it?

When you hypnotize yourself to remember your past life, you are entering an altered state of consciousness. People who are interested in past life regression hypnosis have different purposes for it. For some, it is part of a spiritual pursuit. For others, it is used as part of psychotherapy. Some, however, find the topic of past lives interesting and use past life regression as a way to prove whether reincarnation is true or not.

Results of past life regression attempts differ based on the person’s belief in reincarnation. According to studies, people who really believe in the concept are more likely to get vivid memories of their past lives, while those who don’t believe in reincarnation will find it difficult to recover any memories.

For those who, for one reason or another, have tried past life regression hypnosis, they have reported experiencing various benefits such as:

·         Freedom to achieve more fulfilment and happiness

·         Freedom to improve health

·         More relaxation

·         More confidence

·         More control over one’s life

How It Works

If you are interested in conducting a past life regression hypnosis on yourself or someone else, here are some simple steps you can follow.

For the hypnosis to work, you need the right setting for it. The setting should be a quiet place where you can be completely free from distractions. The room temperature should be comfortable, and the lighting should not be harsh nor too dark. Your clothes, footwear, eyewear, and any other accessories should also allow you to move freely and should not at all feel constrictive or heavy when worn. Now you need to find a comfortable position that you can stay in for a long time without moving or getting tired.

Next, you have to regulate your breathing. Do this by inhaling slowly and deeply, then exhaling slowly and fully. Repeat this until you become comfortable with it.

Now comes the tricky part; since past life regression hypnosis aims to recover memories that you are not consciously aware, you need to be imaginative for the process to be completed. First, you may begin by visualizing a round magic clock that tells the date and time. Imagine the hands moving backwards, slowly at first then faster the further back the clock goes. Allow yourself to relax completely.

At some point, you will feel the desire to stop. At this trigger, you need to mentally command yourself to stop. In response, the clock begins to slow down until it stops moving. Then imagine yourself looking around. Get your bearings; check whether it is daytime or nighttime, look at what you are wearing, check whether you are old or young, female or male, think about your name.

When you’ve gathered enough information, you can move to another time by going back to your clock.

If you enlisted the help of a hypnotist or a psychotherapist for past life regression hypnosis, he or she will ask you questions to help you become more observant of your surroundings when you reach a certain point in your clock.

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