Reduce Your Shyness when You’re in Front of the Camera with Subliminal Messages

Reduce Your Shyness when You’re in Front of the Camera

There may be times when you’ll be asked to act or say something in front of the camera. Perhaps it’s for marketing or for personal reasons. That should be no problem, right? Not until you start to freeze and buckle. You can hardly look straight into the camera. The mere idea that you may appear on a TV or computer screen is already too frightening for you.

Reduce Your Shyness when You’re in Front of the Camera with Subliminal Messages

Reduce Your Shyness when You’re in Front of the Camera with Subliminal Messages

Getting in front of a camera may be a need or a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for you. You have to know how to manage your fear well. Thus, these tips may be what you require:


1. Practice. Simulate the scene. You can pretend that a mirror is the camera itself. Then you can start saying your lines or perform whatever it is that you should do. The purpose is to make yourself more comfortable with the idea. Simulations may never take note of some of the issues you may meet later, but at least they make you feel more relaxed when in front of the camera.


2. Appreciate the process. Perhaps one of the reasons why you’re scared of being in front of the camera is you don’t want to commit a lot of mistakes. Guess what, it’s a good thing you’re just being recorded. Camera records can always be edited. So you can take as much time as you want. There’s no limit on the number of mistakes you can make. They can be removed instantly.


3. Make yourself look and feel good. One of the reasons why you don’t want to be in front is you’re scared of what other people may say about your appearance. You can definitely remedy that. You just have to make yourself look and feel good. If it helps, request for the services of a stylist. You can research which looks would be suitable to your age, profession, or personality.


4. Reduce the shyness. Some actors and actresses are afraid to act in front of the camera, but they are still able to do it anyway. This is because they have learned how to master the process of decreasing their shyness. Now if they can do that, you can too.


A technique often used is affirmations or subliminal messages. When you’re about to stand in front of a camera, close your eyes and picture the recording scene. While you’re at it, listen to the affirmations that play in the background or in your mp3 player or iPod. They may carry messages like “I have no reason to be afraid of” or “The camera is my best friend” or “I can slowly feel the shyness inching away and confidence rising from deep within.” Repeat them until you can really feel the confidence building up inside you.  

5. Just learn to have some fun. Don’t take the camera recording too seriously. Just think you’re just playing around. In fact, it helps a lot if you pretend that you’re a movie star, performing in front of your audience. By the time you’re done, imagine receiving plenty of applause and praises from the viewers.



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