Reduce Sports Stress in 5 Best Approaches

Reduce Sports Stress in 5 Best Approaches

Being an athlete can be very rewarding. You get to pursue one of the things you love to do, be paid handsomely, and even keep your body physically fit and healthy.

Reduce Sports Stress in 5 Best Approaches

Reduce Sports Stress in 5 Best Approaches

But it also brings a lot of danger physically, emotionally, and mentally. Stress is usually at its all-time high when you’re into sports.

So how do you go about handling stress? You can begin with the following:

Watch out for stress fracture symptoms. New bones are formed every day. They replace the old ones that have been damaged because of everyday stress. The problem is there are times when the new bones are not enough to cope with the lost ones. Because of the imbalance, it’s easy for you to obtain stress fractures.

Stress fractures happen when bones suffer from micro-cracks. They are too small to be seen by X-ray machines, but they are painful, especially if the affected area like the stress fracture foot is constantly moved, hit, or touched.

You will know you’re suffering from stress fractures when the area just above the fracture becomes painful to touch. Sometimes there is swelling.

Note: You can prevent bone fractures by taking the recommended dietary allowance of calcium for your age.

Take stress tests. Even if you keep yourself physically fit, your stamina will definitely go down as you age. It is therefore important you take some stress tests at least once a year, especially stress tests for heart. Sports causes adrenaline rush and rapid cardiovascular activity. Your heart therefore is one of the most-worked organs in the body.

Stress tests can also determine how much stress your body can handle without breaking down. It’s highly essential you keep your stress limit to the minimum, as you don’t want to jeopardize your health just because of sports. Your doctor, nevertheless, will provide you with tips on how to keep your stress level in check.

Take some rest. One of the best ways of handling stress related to sports is to take some rests, particularly in between fights or competitions. You need to allow your body to heal. Otherwise, you will be more prone to injuries.

That will also give you plenty of time to pursue other things outside of sports. You can go out with your friends, pamper yourself, spend more time with your family, or travel. Doing these activities can make you feel rejuvenated.

Take the right training. There’s no such thing as a universal training system when it comes to sports. The exercise routines of basketball players are different from those of wrestlers and gymnasts. The kind of training you should be doing must be suitable to your chosen sport.

It’s best to work with a professional trainer who has great knowledge about and experience in your sports.

Visualize. You may feel agitated, nervous, or anxious a few days before the actual competition. These feelings can sometimes give you undue stress. You can eliminate them by simple visualization exercises.

You can picture yourself playing and winning the game. While you’re visualizing, you can play subliminal messages downloads with affirmations such as the following:

I am bringing home the bacon.

I claim my victory over my opponents.

I am born a winner.

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