Reduce Preschool Anxiety Separation in Five Ways

Reduce Preschool Anxiety Separation in Five Ways


There will definitely come a time when your children have to go to school, and you shouldn’t be there. That would have been okay if your kids won’t suffer from separation anxiety, which happens all the time.

Reduce Preschool Anxiety Separation in Five Ways

Reduce Preschool Anxiety Separation in Five Ways

Why the Child Feels Anxious


There are a lot of reasons. First, your child may have a bad experience with school before. He or she may have been bullied by his or her sibling who’s already in school. Your kid may have seen videos of children crying or moms leaving their kids. As a parent, though, you should nto ignore preschool separation anxiety. Based on studies, children’s anxiety can be so severe it stops them from functioning properly.


What Should You Do?


As a parent, you have such a huge role in getting rid of the fear and anxiety from your kids. You can follow these tips:


1. Start the weaning process a few months before school. So your child doesn’t have to be so clingy once school starts, you should wean him or her early. For example, you may allow her to do activities all on her own. You can invite some neighborhood kids at home and permit your child to play with them.


2. Give the child an overview of the school. Spare at least a day when you can bring the kid to school. You can ask a principal or a facilitator to give you a short tour. Together, you can sit down in a class and observe. You want your child to be comfortable with the school setting.


3. Talk things over. By doing the second one, you can already assess your child’s level of apprehension. At home, you can talk things over. Some kids don’t really open up, so you have to initiate. Ask your child if he or she is comfortable and what’s making him or her worry. Share feelings with each other, but make sure you can end the talk in a positive note—that is, encourage him or her to conquer the fear.


5. Don’t be worried or anxious either. According to Daniel J Denoon, children who are below 5 years old can suffer from depression. Interestingly, though, it is only a reflection of the mother’s own emotional state. Don’t give your child a reason to doubt or feel anxious by feeling these negative emotions yourself. Tell yourself the following subliminal messages:


I know my child is going to be all right.

I am making good decisions for my kid.

My strength will be my child’s strength.


6. Simulate separation. You and your child can play a game that would teach him or her something about separation. You want to inform your kid that even though he or she cannot see you, he or she will be okay and you’re just around whenever needed.


Here’s a game you can follow: play a tag game using his favorite game. Hide it somewhere and allow him or her to look for it. If he or she finds it, tell your child that there’s really nothing to worry about because the toy will just be there even if it appears “invisible” to him or her. It’s the same thing with you, when you go to work or return home to finish some chores.


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