Reduce Negative Anticipation of Childbirth with Subliminal Messages

Reduce Negative Anticipation of Childbirth with Subliminal Messages

It’s okay for would-be moms to be concerned about childbirth. How is it going to be? Will it be painful? Would my child be healthy? Will I be a good mom?

Reduce Negative Anticipation of Childbirth with Subliminal Messages

Reduce Negative Anticipation of Childbirth with Subliminal Messages

However, too much worrying can also be detrimental especially to your and your baby’s health. It often leads to a lot of stress. If you feel like being a worry wart, consider the following tips to reduce it:


1. Talk with your doctor. Reduce your fears by discussing your issues with your gynecologist. Tell her everything that’s on your mind. The truth is there are no guarantees on how your childbirth will turn out, but rest assured that your good doctor will be there to help you all the way. She, moreover, can answer all your questions about pregnancy and childbirth.


2. Get a lot of strength from your loved ones. You can also help ease the worries by making sure you have adequate physical and emotional support from your loved ones, particularly from your partner. It helps too if you can share them the causes of your worry. They may be able to do something to get rid of it. For instance, if you’re worried that no one’s going to be with your other kids during childbirth, your mom may volunteer to baby-sit them while you’re still in the hospital. If you don’t want to be alone, friends and family members can accompany you around the clock.


3. Meditate. Meditation is actually good for pregnant women. You don’t have to squat on the floor to do it. You can just sit properly, with your back in proper posture. Close your eyes and be still. You don’t even have to do anything. You can simply feel your surroundings. Enjoy the moment of stillness. Feel the baby moving inside your tummy. Isn’t that such a wonderful feeling? Relish it instead of your worries.


While you’re meditating, you can listen to several subliminal messages or affirmations in the background. Some of them have been designed to help mothers deal with issues on childbirth. You can already download them online. You can also watch videos. You may want to do these regularly to ensure you don’t forget the messages.


To give you some ideas of these messages, refer to the list below:


I can feel the baby moving inside me.

I feel a healthy and happy baby.

I am doing my best to secure and protect my baby from harm.


4. Pursue fun activities. All you need is a little downtime to reduce the worries. Head to your shopping center and check out the trendiest, coolest baby stuff. You can go to the park and take a walk (walking is really good for pregnant women). You can even take a swim, drive around, or go out with your girlfriends in a café. You may not do all the things you want to, but you can certainly perform a lot of them.


No one holds the future. You can just do your best—and when you can, give it your all.



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