Read With Speed – Improve Your Reading Speed Subliminal Messages Can Help

Read With Speed – Improve Your Reading Speed Subliminal Messages Can Help

How fast do you read? Some people can finish an entire novel in just a few hours, while some seem to spend too much time in just a single page. Reading is one of the most worthwhile activities to spend time on. You can learn a lot by reading. This single activity can help develop many skills; it can improve your writing and spelling skills, help improve your lexical command, help keep the mind active, and widen your general knowledge. Best of all, it can be really fun too especially when you’re reading a great novel.

Unfortunately, not everyone is able to enjoy the many benefits of reading because reading, for them, consumes a lot of time. This is because of their poor reading speed.

The average reading speed is around 200 to 300 words per minute for the average reader reading a simple fiction novel or other non-technical reading materials with mild difficulty. A good speed is around 500 to 700 words per minute. Expert readers can read up to 1000 words a minute.

Having good reading speed can be quite helpful in many aspects of life. It takes you a significantly shorter amount of time to take in the words you see around you on a daily basis. This means less distraction and less effort altogether. You can finish novels before you get bored with them. In the business world, you can read letters faster and react or make decisions in less time. When you’re in a rush, you don’t have to spend a lot of time browsing a menu, reading SMS, or reading instructions.

There are many ways to improve your reading speed. But take note that in improving your reading speed, you should also consider quality. This means you should still be able to understand what you read, even if you read really fast.

Here are some of the easiest and most effective tips to help improve your reading speed without sacrificing quality.

1. Practice regularly. The key to improving your reading speed is to practice reading regularly. This means you have to take up the habit of reading. This is also a good technique because it helps improve reading speed without sacrificing comprehension. Frequent reading makes it easy for you to take in the context of your reading material so you don’t have to read word by word.

2. Be alert and mentally aware. The amount of time it takes for you to take in a word and understand its meaning is important for the improvement of your reading speed. Sometimes, people actually take an entire second to take in a single word because they are not mentally alert. They take longer to recognize each word; this lengthens overall reading time as well as reaction time.

If you want to read with speed, you have to be mentally alert when you read. This way, you will recognize words instantly, take them in, and move on to the next, in no time at all.

3. Avoid bad reading habits. There are also some negative reading habits you may have unconciously developed. One example is regression or an unconscious and unnecessary re-reading of words you have already read. Some people also tend to vocalize what they read, which generally takes more time. Unconscious and uncontrollable faulty eye movements can also reduce reading rate. Being easily distracted and being unable to concentrate are also problems that affect reading speed.

4. Get subliminal help. Notice one commonality among the bad reading habits discussed above? Since they are habits, people seem to do them without really being conscious about it. So how can you really overcome these bad reading habits if you don’t even consciously control them?

This is why subliminal messaging can also help improve reading speed. Subliminal messages are messages that go directly to the subconscious. They can be used to remove bad habits that are rooted in the subconscious. This way, you can get rid of bad habits and be able to improve your reading speed more easily.