Reaching the Finish Line – How to Finish What You Started with Subliminal Help

Reaching the Finish Line – How to Finish What You Started  with Subliminal Help

Do you find yourself always beginning projects but never finishing them? This is actually a common problem, and most people do not realize what they’re doing and how this affects them. If you have the same problem, here’s how you can change yourself:

Reaching the Finish Line - How to Finish What You Started  with Subliminal Help

Reaching the Finish Line - How to Finish What You Started with Subliminal Help

1. Search yourself. First, before you encourage or motivate yourself to complete your tasks, do a thorough evaluation of yourself first. Perhaps the reason why you are not motivated enough is that you are in the wrong track. Maybe you are not gunning towards your true passion. If you do not know your purpose or desire in life, then you will find yourself bouncing from one project to another without enough drive to complete them. But if you spend time on projects that really mean something to you, you probably won’t even need the extra motivation. You’ll find yourself automatically motivated.

2. Make a concrete plan. Next, once you have a purpose, approach your goals with a concrete plan. Make a concrete, detailed plan that really outlines the specific actions you need to take, as opposed to just making them up as you go along. Do not make a vague plan with a lot of holes in it. Every time you come across those holes, you give yourself a chance to think twice or to lose interest. But if you have a detailed step by step plan, then you won’t have the time to think and will just keep going.

3. Make a timetable. Another possible reason why you get derailed from your tasks is because you get overwhelmed. Completing tasks require proper time management. If you don’t manage your time well from the start, chances are that you will find yourself nearing the deadline with still more than half of the work unfinished. If this happens, the tendency is to think of giving up. But if you manage time well, then you are able to spread out the tasks with proper spacing starting on day one. This way, you won’t have to cram and you won’t be tempted to just leave the project after realizing that you’re already way behind the deadline and just can’t push through with the project anymore.

4. Keep your eyes on the prize. Some people stop in the middle of a project because they lose sight of their goal. Perhaps they get distracted by another, more tempting goal, or perhaps they simply forget about the actual benefits they will get upon completion of the project. They start thinking how they can live without those benefits anyway. They start to question whether they are really pouring time and effort into something productive. This is because they have lost sight of the prize of finishing their tasks. This may include actual benefits you will get, such as getting promoted after completing a major project or signing a huge deal, or it could just be the benefit of knowing your capabilities and of achieving something.

So if you want to keep on going, make sure to always focus on the prize. Remind yourself (verbally and on a daily basis, if you must) of the reasons why you are doing the project.

5. Get regular motivation refills. Always motivate yourself while working on a project. Do not slack off with the motivation. If you do that, you will most likely slack off on the entire project too.

One effective way to regularly boost your motivation is to watch subliminal videos when you’re feeling a bit discouraged. In fact, it would be best if you watch subliminal videos every day. Choose videos that send empowering and motivating messages to the subconscious. This way, you will feel empowered and capable every minute of the day, and your mind won’t even consider the possibility of leaving a task undone.

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