Raising a Sickly Child: Make It Easy for Your Kid and Yourself

Raising a Sickly Child: Make It Easy for Your Kid and Yourself

Raising a kid isn’t easy, but it is more difficult if your child turns out to be sickly. It drains your finances, puts a lot of emotional strain to your family, and creates anxiety or depression.

Raising a Sickly Child: Make It Easy for Your Kid and Yourself

Raising a Sickly Child: Make It Easy for Your Kid and Yourself

What to Do

1. Find a doctor that’s in for the long haul.

It’s best to find a doctor who’s willing to take care of your family for a very long time. One reason is to have consistent diagnosis and proper keeping of records. It’s also easy for your child to trust the doctor if he or she sees the same physician regularly.

2. Provide up-to-date child care.

Usually, a sickly child has a compromised immune system. You can keep his immunity strong by updated vaccination or immunization. For instance, your child needs to receive a flu shot every year to avoid contracting flu, colds, and cough. You can coordinate with your doctor on what other medical child care steps you need to take.

3. Consider an annual physical exam for you the entire family.

Your kid should not be the only one who needs to stay healthy. The entire family should do too. Your child can easily catch viruses and bacteria. A simple sneeze from you may cause your kid to suffer from colds later.

One of the best ways to maintain family health is to opt for an annual physical exam. It may be costly, but it’s way cheaper than paying for doctor’s visits and medications.

4. Get a medical plan.

When your child gets sick all the time, it’s going to put a lot of strain into your finances. It is therefore necessary to have some form of monetary assistance, such as a medical plan. A lot of these plans are flexible, where you can choose your own health care facility and doctor. You can also pick what kinds of treatments you prefer. Sometimes you have to shoulder a portion of the cost, but it’s not as huge as without a plan.

5. Reduce stress for both the kid and you.

Stress isn’t good for both you and the kid. When you’re under stress, it’s difficult to take care of your child. On the other hand, stress is often a trigger to several types of illnesses.

There are several anti-stress-related activities you and your kid can do together, and they are fun and engaging. You can both take up the same sport, visit parks, or travel.

6. Look for a support group.

It helps a lot if you can look forward to emotional and physical support from family, friends, and people who are going through the same thing as you. Find a support group closer to your area.

7. Use good self help programs.

You can use self help CDs or self help tapes with subliminal messages to continuously motivate and inspire yourself. When you are filled with a lot of love and hope, taking care of someone comes very easy for you. Moreover, when you’re positive, your child can pick up the same good emotion, so he or she still feels good about himself or herself even when he or she is sick.

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