Practice Empathy and Be a Better Person With Subliminal Messages

Practice Empathy and Be a Better Person With Subliminal Messages

It is sometimes referred to as putting yourself into someone else’s shoes or sharing with other people’s pain and suffering. Regardless, empathy is one of the most positive emotions in the world, something you should definitely have.

Practice Empathy and Be a Better Person With Subliminal Messages

Practice Empathy and Be a Better Person With Subliminal Messages

But how do you exactly teach yourself to be more empathetic with other people’s feelings? Here are some tips you may find helpful:


1. Listen. You will never learn how to share with other people’s feelings if you don’t know how to listen. But what really is listening? To listen means to put all your attention to the speaker. If someone wants to vent, you drop everything you’re doing. When you listen, you don’t think of anything else except what the other person is sharing. For a while, you shut your mind off from your work or even your own concerns.


2. Don’t give any advice unless you’re asked. A lot of people think that because others are sharing their stories to them, they already view themselves as experts. The truth is sometimes people just need to talk about how they feel. It’s basically like talking to oneself. Being able to share their emotions with others is therapeutic for them. Simply put, they don’t really run to you for advice unless they really say so.


So what should you do? Go back to no. 1. Just listen. Allow the person to share. You can offer consolation or any words of comfort. But that’s it.


3. Be there for someone. Actions do speak louder than words. You don’t have to do anything at all. It’s enough for many to have someone they can really count on in times of need. Your presence is already sufficient for them to feel that there is someone who really cares about them.


4. Respect other people’s opinion. The last thing you want to happen is to get into an argument. When someone talks to you, remove the tendency to make your own judgments. Respect their decisions and their opinions. Treat them as individuals with the mind on their own. Do this even to your own children. You really cannot teach others how they should feel about something.


5. Learn to distance yourself with the other people’s emotions. There are times when you get too empathetic that you start to acquire other people’s emotions. If they are angry with someone, you feel the same way toward that other person too. If they are upset over work, you also tend to be upset about your job. This is not good since your sense of empathy is now being compromised. Keep in mind that being empathetic being more responsive to other people’s emotions, not influence yourself with what other people are feeling.


6. Use affirmations. Everyone can definitely be empathetic. If you think you cannot do it, then all you have to do is to change your mind-set. You can listen to subliminal messages or speak of affirmations:


“I can share with other people’s feelings.”

“I have the ears to listen to other people’s woes and fears.”

“My heart is open to what others need.”



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