Power Mind Mastery VI, $100,000s EXTRA in 30 Days



There are people who believe and people who don’t.

Either way is ok because it’s still not going to change the fact that YOU have an EXTRA $100,000 in your bank account to do with as you please!

Power Mind Mastery VI, $100,000s EXTRA in 30 Days

Power Mind Mastery VI, $100,000s EXTRA in 30 Days

You might:

– save it
– go on a vacation
– pay down some/ all debt
– quit your job and start a business
– take some time off to get centered.
– take it and apply even more pressure to your competitors.
– make your own products to help people

YOU are in charge and YOU get to choose what you are going to do with it…   THAT’S the best part!

There has been A LOT of information flowing around about the “Law of Attraction”.

I want to tell you something…

Scoot your chair up a little closer because I don’t want you to miss this…

Being a Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced Practitioner of “The Law of Attraction” doesn’t matter.

The truth is still the truth, which is…

You will do EXACTLY what you (or others) have trained your subconscious to do.

Let me repeat that…

You WILL do EXACTLY what YOU (or others, meaning radio, press, film, friends, etc.) have trained your subconscious to do!

There are no exceptions to this rule!

What does that mean to you?

It means that IF you know how to correctly program your subconscious mind to do what you want it to do, there is nothing to be afraid of and your results are guaranteed!  In other words, it’s not a matter of IF it is going to happen, it is a matter of WHEN!

Some people catch on to this quicker than others. That’s how it has always been and more than likely how it will always be.

I’ve trained…   directly or indirectly…   millions of people how to do this — EXACTLY!

With Nelson Berry Subliminal Videos, it doesn’t matter:

– how big or how small your goal is.
– how long you think it is going to take.
– What the specific goal is.

Predict the future?

Look at the past!

Tomorrow, both YOU & I, will wake up and do EXACTLY what WE (or others) have trained our subconscious to do.

There are NO exceptions to that rule right there!

The up pops the argument of “Fate vs. Freewill”…

This argument gets squashed once you make it over to this other side where:

– You have begun daily training.
– You are doing the exercises correctly and practicing consistently.
– You see results…   let me say that a little more appropriately…   YOU SEE RESULTS AND YOUR SPECIFIC “DREAM” (it matters not what it is) BEGINS MANIFESTING AS A DIRECT RESULT OF THE NELSON BERRY METHOD.

Ever hear the one, “Practice Makes Perfect”?

That is wrong!


We show you, step-by-step, inch-by-inch (and you can go as fast or as slow as you want to) HOW to “Practice Perfectly”!

Just like anything else, once you know what you’re doing, it’s easy!

If you do not know what you are doing (or are following some “guru” who doesn’t know what they’re doing), you have no business “playing around” with manifesting.

The Nelson Berry Subliminal Video Method is an Exact Science!

It’s just like what you are doing now, reading, writing, watching your computer screen…   but let me warn you: if you are not focused and casually think NEGATIVE thoughts (step 3 – included in the instructions), you will actually manifest that THAT to which your emotion is attached. You need to be very focused and careful when you are doing the “Third Step” of the written exercise sequence.

That’s all I’m going to say about that. It’s all clearly outlined with your download.

Now Released:  Power Mind Mastery VI, $100,000s EXTRA in YOUR Bank Account Within 30 Days Subliminal Video 2.0

“The first time I used this system correctly and it worked, I was so excited that I actually called my Mom and told her about coming completely out of debt and how I did it.  I think it took some 3 to 4 weeks. It was an absolute phenomenon. I told her to order the package (I’d pay for it), follow direction and watch what happens. Now, she’s doing it and coming out of debt too. Thank You Nelson Berry!”
Brad Jensen, Boston, MA USA

Here are the commands on Power Mind Mastery VI, $100,000s EXTRA in 30 Days Subliminal Video 2.0:

– I Made Over $100,000 In The Last 30 Days!
– I Have $100,000s EXTRA in MY Bank Account Right Now!
– I Am Fast & I’m Quick!
– I Do The Daily Training Perfectly Every Day!
– I Am Happy & Excited to Help Others Be Better!
– The More People I Help, The more Money I Make!
– I Am Humble & Grateful for This Opportunity!
– I Am Proud of My Accomplishments and Teach Others How To Do This!
– I Am The Best At Whatever I Decide To Do!
– I Take Immediate Action On Most All Things That Are Good For Me Immediately!

Remember, tomorrow is just like any other day in that “You Will Do EXACTLY What You’ve Trained To Do”.

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