Power Mind Mastery II, Power Play Subliminal Video 2.0

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With Money comes Power, Pleasure & Prestige.  Some people say that “money can’t buy happiness”. Well, folks, I have a real hard time telling the difference! Money or no money…   money is better, regardless of how you feel! Money and the exchange of value(s) are what kick starts everything!

If you have a bunch of money and are unhappy, giving it all away is not going to fix the problem.  The flip side to that is if you have no money, and hit the lottery, you might spend it all in 10 days, but you sure would have a lot of fun doing it!

Now Revealed! The New Power Mind Mastery II, Power Play Subliminal Video 2.0

Colin Conner from Las Vegas, NV USA had this to say:

“I am a gambler. I play high stakes poker. That’s how I make my living. Not unlike life, in poker there are days “when you get ‘cards’” and some days you don’t. I have been doing this a long time and, with my strategy, technique and experience playing and reading the other players, I make a living at it, but I have no WPT bracelet(s) yet. I used the Power Mind Mastery II, Power Play Subliminal Video 2.0 and – I swear on the Holy Bible – my internal interpretation of the cards (math and intuitive guidance) improved immediately. I can actually tell if I forgot to use the system that morning by the cards I get. When I use it, I get better cards, play more hands and make more money. When I don’t use it, I could sit there for 12 hours and not even play one hand. If it where me, I would sell this to poker players only. You could make a killing!! The results have been phenomenal and have provided me with VERY GOOD LUCK when I use the system. I give this my highest ranking – 5 Stars! I definitely recommend it to increase your luck!”

Another of our beta testers had this to say:

“I feel very honored and privileged to have had this opportunity to test Power Mind Mastery II, Power Play Subliminal Video 2.0. I have tried other law of attraction programs hoping that they would work. When I got the chance to be a beta tester for you and tried it, something “clicked”…   The Law of Attraction started to work!! Knowing I had that much power scared me at first. I couldn’t believe it actually worked. THEN I started thinking of all of the things I could use this for…  Anything!  NOW, finally, The Law of Attraction makes sense to me with verifiable results which are directly related to me using this program as outlined. It’s very simple and easy to use. Now I can use it to make things happen. It’s borderline magic, but IT’S REAL! Everything YOU need to use The Law of Attraction and get amazingly profitable (and predictable) results is available with this video and he written exercises. Just follow directions and it will work for you too. I recommend that everyone tries it. Great too!”  Rebecca Scanlon, Portland, OR USA

We got more testimonials, but it’s really pointless to put them all up here. You either want to be a spiritually abundant problem solver or you don’t.

As a spiritual person, I admit that is a stupid question to ask IF you are seeking spiritual answers and spiritual shortcuts. As a spiritual person, I want you to know that not everyone “gives a rats” about anyone or anything but themselves.

Then there’s another type who dismisses The Law of Attraction and all alternative, metaphysical or quantum solutions as “weird”. To me, that’s like saying, “If you can’t get it at Wal-Mart, you don’t need it”.  If you or someone you love thinks like that, despite the mounds of scientific proof to the contrary, say a heartfelt prayer for them and YOU continue to advance constantly!

Along those lines, here’s another testimonial from David Franklin of Houston, TX USA:

“I didn’t expect this to work. All I really wanted was a girlfriend who really loved me, wouldn’t cheat on me and was hot! I got the chance to be a beta tester and said ‘ what the heck do I have to lose ‘? I hadn’t been very lucky at meeting women ANYWHERE (bars, church, online dating, grocery store, shopping, etc.). So I was open to the idea of trying something new.  When Nelson Berry promised me that I could apply it to this exact thing (or anything else I wanted to do)…  I was in! I spent 20 minutes per day and within 1 week of starting this, I met the woman of my dreams! She was exactly what I had envisioned! We were both instantly attracted to each other. We even saw a shooting star together that night. That is no shxt!!! I still have a hard time believing that this hocus-pocus subliminal weird stuff really worked. I like to think it was my good looks and charm. We all know it wasn’t my good looks and charm, but whatever it was, I just followed directions that came with the videos, did the exercises and that’s it. If you’re anything like I was, you probably believe that this won’t work either. Do yourself a favor, just try it. It might blow your mind, freak you out and have you laughing all the way to the bank. For me, it was so fast and simple, at first it seemed like one of those Chriss Angel tricks. It was freaky! Now I’m going to try it on money! I am so excited I can hardly write this!!  It sure made a believer out of me! I suggest this to anybody and everybody. If you need some help in your life in one area or another, try it and see.”

With Power Mind Mastery II, Power Play Subliminal Video 2.0:

–          You get a chance to make your dreams come true TODAY (not ten years from now).

–          You harness The Law of Attraction, maybe for the first time and you will get all the proof you need before the “60 Day Results Guarantee” expires. That’s right, we guarantee that you will hit the mother lode (of your choice) within 60 days or you don’t pay a dime!

–          You connect with “The Power of Powers”. IT’S INSIDE YOU RIGHT NOW! You maybe just need a few tools (THAT WORK) to uncover it and enjoy the benefits!

It’s very simple.

The commands on Power Mind Mastery II, Power Play Subliminal Video 2.0 are:


1-      My Power is Growing Daily!

2-      I am Comfortable in Life!

3-      I Get Most Anything I Want!

4-      My Success is Advancing Rapidly!

5-      My Life is Full of Fun and Happiness!

6-      Professionally, I am Moving Up Quickly!

7-      I am Getting What I Want Out of Life Quickly!

8-      I am Proud of Myself for Enduring & Persevering!

9-      I unconsciously manipulate *the results* to my favor!

10-   The Power I Exemplify Continues To Grow More and More Each Day!

11-   I Take Immediate Action Towards Things I WANT…   AND GET THEM!


This download is compatible with a MAC or PC AND has live streaming video 24/7.

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