Power Mind Master III, The 3-Hour Work Week Subliminal Video 2.0

What do YOU want in life?

IF you don’t already have it…

…are you willing to fight for it?

…do you REALLY want it?

…are you willing to do anything at all to achieve it?????????????

Get this…

Statistics show that only about 15% of people
are willing to put in ANY work required to improve
themselves. Not talking about you, but the other 85%…
it is truly mind-boggling.

What do you think someone like that should do if presented the
opportunity to get what they want in LESS THAN 3 hours per week?

Now Released Today:  Power Mind Mastery III, The 3-Hour Work Week Subliminal Video 2.0

Take a look at this…

“I started using the video while I was living out
of my car with an old laptop and parked outside the
coffee shop were internet access was free. Long story
short, I am now living in a 3 level condo, drive a
Porsche, worked less than 3 hours last week and have
a smoking hot girlfriend (for 2 weeks now). This took
42 days. How did it happen? I did what I was told to
do and followed directions. This is absolutely an
unbelievable dream come true, but it’s not a dream!
Try this. You have nothing to lose and everything to

-Alex Craig, Portland, OR USA

With The 3-Hour Work Week Subliminal Video 2.0:

1- Your income increases faster than you may have ever
experienced before.

2- You’ll increase your USABLE INTELLIGENCE more than 500%
in 3 days.

3- You spend your time how YOU want to, do what YOU want to
with plenty of resources to do it with.

4- WARNING: The bad part is that you have to spend 3 hours
per week watching this video and if you don’t like paradise
footage and bad-ass jams, you do NOT want to order this.

5- This is good times, making money and manifesting correctly.

You have a 60 day guarantee that you will:

A. Reduce Your Work Week to Less Than 3 Hours.


B. Double Your Current Income!

We watch it happen over and over and over… TO THE 15%!!!

If you aren’t satisfied at any time within 60 days,
you are entitled to a full refund through clickbank.

Here are the commands on Power Mind Mastery III – The 3-Hour Work Week Subliminal Video 2.0:

1. I Work 3-Hours Per Week!
2. My Income Keeps Increasing Exponentially!
3. Now I Can Do What I ALWAYS Wanted To Do!
4. Love Radiates In and Out of Me and I FEEL GREAT!
5. I Am Constantly Re-Energized By “The Power Within Me”.
6. I Have PLENTY To Share With Others.
7. I Have Plenty of Time to HELP OTHERS…AND Am Rewarded For It Generously!
8. I Have MONEY FINALLY… enough for New Houses, New Cars, New Boats and More!
9. I Have Correct Humility and Am Proud of Myself for What I’ve Done!
10. I Enjoy Life and Take Quick Action On My Intuition Now!

This is slamming EACH of these commands — 27,563 per session — into your
subconscious mind (both audio and video) PER RECORDING!

Compatible with MAC or PC…   AND you have a 24/7 live streaming feed you
can access from any computer. No zip files. No hassles. Good times.

All instructions are included. Simple. Simple. Simple.

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With Respect,

Nelson Berry
Subliminal Video Messages

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