Positive Subliminal Messages – Four Simple Steps to Successful Sales

Positive Subliminal Messages – Four Simple Steps to Successful Sales

Are you not making enough sales in your work or business? Are you not hitting the quotas and bringing the profits in? Every salesman, even the best ones, encounter the much dreaded stump or dry season in their sales. But it’s up to you how you get yourself out of it.

Positive Subliminal Messages – Four Simple Steps to Successful Sales

Positive Subliminal Messages – Four Simple Steps to Successful Sales

Every person has been gifted with a very powerful mind. The only reason why other people get ahead in the sales game is that they know how to use the full power of their minds. If you’re not selling enough, don’t think that that’s the way you’re wired. Every person, equipped with a powerful calculating controlling organ called the brain, is made with an unlimited source of knowledge, skills, and abilities. Every person, including you, can achieve sales success, so long as the person and the power of the mind are working together.

And how can you start working with your mind towards successful selling? Just follow these tips:

1. Identify the Challenges in Your Way. Before anything else, take stock of your current situation to see what challenges are standing in your way. This way, you know how to best face these problems. Usually, there are actual hindrances that block your way to selling successfully, and there are other problems, the ones that you can’t see.

2. Remove the Actual Hindrances. Actual hindrances are problems that really hinder you from doing your job. Check your situation. Do you have enough samples or visuals to convince customers to buy from you? Do you wear the right clothes? Do you call them at the right times? Do you make all your appointments? Are you true to your salesman promises? The key here is to do your very best. If you already give your best and you still don’t rake the sales in, then the problem may lie beneath.

3. Change Your Selling Attitude Subliminally. Another problem that a lot of salesmen face is incorrect selling attitudes. Maybe you don’t believe in your selling skills. Or maybe you don’t believe in the products you’re selling. You cannot be convincing unless you’ve convinced yourself first. Confidence in yourself and in your products will always show through in the way you speak and act, just as self doubt and doubt in your products also do. So make sure you have the right attitude.

4. Get Subliminal Aid. If you’re having difficulty convincing yourself of your abilities and your products, maybe the problem lies even deeper within, right in your subconscious mind.

The subconscious mind is very vulnerable to influences from outside. Unfortunately, the external world is blasting negative influences by the minute and at full volume too.

What are some examples of these negative influences? Your colleagues doing better than you, your mother telling you that you don’t do things right when you were still a kid – these negative influences can be happening right now or may have happened years and years ago. They get embedded into your subconscious either way.

And when that happens, you just fail to see things differently. So you have to counteract them. The only way to embed messages into your subconscious is through subliminal suggestions, such as:

I believe in myself.

I believe in what I sell.

I believe that my products benefit my customers.

My sales benefit others as well as myself.

I overcome challenges with ease.

I am persuasive and powerful.

You can fill your mind with these positive subliminal messages by getting a subliminal CD, MP3, or video.

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