Positive Affirmations through Music – Why and How They Work

Positive Affirmations through Music – Why and How They Work

Positive affirmations are powerful messages that can bring positivity into your life through the backdoor: your subconscious mind. These affirmations are now being used to improve key areas of people’s lives and personalities to improve themselves and their circumstances. While affirmations are often considered as verbal messages, there are now techniques that use music as the main source or medium of positive affirmations.

An Effective Delivery Method. To make this possible, positive affirmations are delivered through what are called affirmation music or affirmation chants. They are sometimes called affirmation chants because of their distinctive use of repetitive rhythms, primitive tones, and powerful positive words as lyrics. Together, these musical affirmations are considered extremely effective.

Why Music Works. Music has always been held to have the innate power to directly affect people’s emotional states. Have you experienced the soothing power of music? Don’t you get relaxed when you listen to music when you feel tired or stressed out? Even in ancient times, music has been used to stir up emotions of men in various settings and purposes, from war to romance. That’s why music has a soothing effect when you feel stressed.

So when you combine the power of music with the power of subliminal words, you can be sure the positive message gets across.

Receiving positive affirmations through music and chants can help improve your mood and induce relaxation. These affirmation chants are extremely powerful and can really elicit change that begins from within. Usually, the melody of such chants are very memorable, something that can easily get stuck in your head. The idea is for the melody to keep going in your head even when you stop listening; this way, the affirmations are reallyand continuously enforced within. You are constantly reminded of these positive thoughts, so there would be no room anymore for negative ones.

How Affirmation Music or Chants Work. These affirmation chants or music work by cultivating the emotions and making it more receptive to affirmations. The chants get the attention of your emotions so that the subliminal messages are delivered more directly and more easily. The music roots through the emotions to stir up deep-seated doubts, fears, and other negative aspects and the positive affirmations embedded in the chants take their place.

So if there are any negative aspects of your life, especially negative emotions that can start as a spark and ultimately wreak destruction over your entire life, you should try the power of positive affirmations and one of the most powerful ways to deliver these is through affirmation music.

Affirmation chants and other types of subliminal audio that deliver subliminal messages and positive affirmations through music are widely available nowadays. There are even a lot of online sources you can download from for your convenience. If subliminal messages work for you, but not as strongly as you hoped, you should definitely give musical positive affirmations a try. This could just be the catalyst for change that you’ve been searching for.