Positive Affirmations and Your Happiness in Life – What’s the Connection?

Positive Affirmations and Your Happiness in Life – What’s the Connection?

How many goals do you have in life? How many things do you still want to achieve in life? You may want to become the most successful person in your field, or you may want to simply improve your life in general. Whatever your goals are, I’m sure there are lots of them, and most of them are crucial to finding your complete happiness in life.

The Missing Link. Most successful people have certain things in common, and through these you can guess what has helped them achieve success so far. And one of these things is their positive, proactive, and empowered attitude towards life. They know what they want and they go after it with passion and gusto. They work hard and keep their motivation despite all the challenges.

If you want to attain the same attitude, you can rely on positive affirmations. Using positive affirmations may seem like a small thing to do as a way of striving towards your happiness, but they can have such a profound effect that you may not be fully aware of.

What are positive affirmations? Positive affirmations are positive thoughts or statements about a particular outcome that you want to happen. They are subliminal messages that are communicated directly to your subconscious. These affirmations need to be repeated constantly until they make such a strong impact on your subconscious mind, which will then produce actual results and accomplishments out of mere thoughts.

Doesn’t it sound so simple? It’s surprising that a lot of people are still living lives they are not happy with, when all along the way to achieving happiness lies in simple positive thoughts.

What’s keeping you from living a happy life? The problem with the human mind is that it finds negativity attractive for some reason. Don’t we often find ourselves intrigued by tragic events? When we hear of an accident, we often get curious and start asking questions about what happened. This may seem like a normal reaction, but in truth, it is a clue as to why we are wallowing in negatively laid out lives. We have the tendency to be easily caught up in negativity; negative thoughts and beliefs have a one-way ticket leading straight into our minds. And the worst part is, we let them in freely without even knowing that we are already sabotaging our own happiness.

What can you do? The solution to this problem is to focus the mind instead on positive affirmations. This takes a good deal of self control and self discipline. After all, positive affirmations don’t have the same tragic appeal like negative ideas do, and since we have been exposed to negative ideas for a long time, they usually lay down their roots in our minds and can fight against the positive affirmations we try to install in our minds.

Reminders on the use of positive affirmations. So here are a few reminders on how you can let positive affirmations do their magic work to make your life the happy life you’ve always wanted:

  • Focus on them. By focusing on positive affirmations, this means you should also consciously brush away negative ideas as much as you can or as often as you catch yourself thinking of them.
  • Constantly repeat them. The easiest way to programming the mind is by constant repetition. The mind loves patterns, so if it starts to recognize a pattern due to your constant repetition, it becomes more receptive.
  • Don’t stop. If you stop for a single minute, negative talk from outside can easily penetrate right through.