Positive Affirmations – 3 Steps to Become Overemployed and Overpaid

Positive Affirmations – 3 Steps to Become Overemployed and Overpaid

Are you happy with your current income? Do you earn an amount that is proportional or even more than the effort you put in? Do you think you can be or should be earning more given how hard you work? A lot of people these days are underemployed and underpaid; don’t join their ranks. Make sure you earn an amount that you deserve, or even more. In fact, you can even be overemployed and overpaid. This will have a major impact on how you live; this may be the change that you’ve been waiting for.

Positive Affirmations – 3 Steps to Become Overemployed and Overpaid

Positive Affirmations – 3 Steps to Become Overemployed and Overpaid

The key to earning more is to fully believe that you deserve to earn more. To instill positive beliefs about earning more into your system, you need to fill your head with positive affirmations. Positive affirmations are positive thoughts or messages that affirm your desires internally. This way, your mind will completely believe such thoughts and will not entertain contradicting ideas.

So if you want to motivate yourself and make your mind cooperate with you, you need to fill it with positive affirmations. There are three steps to do this:

1. Design the right affirmations. The first step is to design the affirmations that you will use. You need to come up with the right messages to send to your mind. These should be convincing and empowering. They should effectively move you towards your goal, which is a higher salary.

Positive affirmations are sometimes called subliminal messages. These messages are now being widely used as a means of planting the seeds of positive change in a person’s life. They are now used for various purposes, such as enhancing confidence, improving performance, and so on. And now, you can use them for increasing your salary.

Here are some examples of positive affirmations you can use to raise your own salary:

I earn a large salary.

I deserve to earn a lot.

My salary continually increases.

As you can observe in the previous examples, the affirmations all contain positive words, are all written in the present tense, and all use personal pronouns. These are all important so that they can empower and motivate you, bring results immediately, and be easy to apply in your life, respectively.

2. Visualize. You can pair up verbal affirmations with visual affirmations. This practice is called visualization. You picture yourself earning a large salary, and focus on that picture until it becomes reality.

3. Repeat the affirmations to yourself continuously. The second step relies on repetition. The only way that positive affirmations will be driven home where it belongs (in your subconscious mind) is through repetition. You have to continuously repeat them so your mind will believe in them without any doubt and start working with you to make those affirmations real.

Make sure to religiously maintain this habit if you really want to earn a larger salary and be overpaid. Also, don’t forget to use these affirmations with all the feelings and passion that you can muster. You have to make yourself believe in the affirmations, so they have to be convincing and driven with force.


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