Poor People Are Driven By Ego (and don’t get it)

On any given day, all of us are shifting
back and forth between ego and spirit-based

Ego is scarcity based.

Spiritual Based Consciousness is Rooted in
Love and Abundance!

When it comes to money, Ego is looking for
short-term pleasure (lotto and other forms
of gambling).

When it comes to money, Spiritual Based
Consciousness is looking for long-term

Poor people spend the majority of their time
in Ego.

Wealthy people spend the majority of their time
in Spiritual Based Consciousness.

The fastest way to move from Ego to Spirit is
through gratitude.

Wealthy people are grateful to have access to
the unlimited education AND opportunity available
on the internet AND worldwide economy it has

Poor people spend the majority of their time
feeling sorry for themselves that they can’t
enjoy an “internet income lifestyle”. Their focus
is on lack of supply and they spend much of their
time wishing they could have anything they want.
Poor people complain to others about their daily
burden and inconveniences. None of these thoughts
are rooted in Spiritual Based Consciousness, which
leaves them in Ego the majority of the time.

Wealthy people refuse to indulge in Ego and are
always on the lookout for it to rear it’s ugly
head and stomp it out (with gratitude) as soon
as it is recognized.

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With Respect,

Nelson Berry
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