Never Fear the Dogs with These Tips

Never Fear the Dogs with These Tips

Though dogs are considered to be man’s best friend, not everyone wants to be around them. Plenty of stories portray them as vicious, rabid, and unpredictable. They can actually kill you if not for their strength and fierceness then by their acquired virus called rabies.

Never Fear the Dogs with These Tips

Never Fear the Dogs with These Tips

However, the truth is a lot of dogs are actually very good. They are prim and proper, if not cuddly, loving, compassionate, and playful. They can also be excellent protectors or guardians of properties and even human lives.


How do you get over your fear of dogs?


1. Forget about the myths. There are a lot of false data about dogs that have been passed from generation to generation. These include rabies. Not all dogs have rabies. In fact, this virus is acquired. If a rabid dog attacks another, the other dog acquires it. It is passed on to humans by means of saliva, such as biting or allowing dogs to lick an open wound. It is very rare, if not impossible, to have rabies by scratching. Moreover, because majority of the dogs in the country are already vaccinated or regulated, rabies due to this animal is no longer common.


2. Minimize or avoid petting. This is especially true if the dog does not know you. He or she may feel threatened by your touch and fight by means of biting or scratching.


3. Take a pet. Interestingly one of the best ways to reduce the fear of dogs is to have them as pets. It is best if you can have them while they are still puppies so they grow up knowing you as their masters. They become much easier to train, and since you have them around for a longer time, you no longer have to feel very scared.


4. Volunteer in shelters. There are hundreds of dogs and cats that have been abandoned by their owners. They are now placed in different shelters nationwide. You can find one that is closest to you. As a volunteer, you may be asked to perform a lot of tasks, including feeding the dog, giving it a bath, or even walking it around. The bottom line is you expose yourself to the animal in a friendly environment.


5. Condition your mind. Perhaps your fear is based on something. You may have been bitten by a dog before, or you have seen someone get hurt. You watched plenty of movies where dogs kill their owners or other human beings. These things can be very traumatic.


It is, however, necessary that you remove these negative thoughts if you want to get rid of your dog fear. Use subliminal messages or affirmations for that. Messages like “These ugly dog memories I no longer keep” or “The past no longer matters. What is important is now” may help you resolve past issues and focus on the present. This means the causes of your trauma no longer exist to you.


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