Nelson Berry Subliminal Video Testimonials & Reviews

I love watching subliminal videos because they kept me motivated, ever so optimistic,insightful,remarkable,magical.I know that once I kept watching them,they will also help me digest into my subconcious mind.No matter how I feel like giving up, they are there to remind me to believe!!!!believe!!! – S.Ramotar


“I can’t believe what has happened since I started using this video. I used to have more fear than faith and it used to really slow me down and make me tired and feeling like I was in a constant battle with myself. Now I am simply asking for what I want ALL THE TIME – AND GETTING IT!! The ONLY thing I changed was watching The Intelligent Warrior for 20 minutes per Day! This is incredible and my life is fun and exciting again! How did you come up with this?” – Steve J.


Thank you for sharing. Every bit helps and this packs a lot into a little. Excellent work. – Joe M.


“I have used The Warrior Warm-Up II — Manifest *The Sexy Body
Shape You Desire* FAST! Subliminal Video each day for 60 days. I
HAVE LOST 37 POUNDS! I eat healthier each day, not because I have
to, but because I want to. I want, and am focused on, better shape
each day and not losing weight. It makes food choices much easier.
At first I was losing a pound per day for about 30 days, then a
half-pound per day, then a pound every few days and it FEELS SOLID!
It was something that was simple and all I did to get started was
watch The Warrior Warm-Up II — Manifest *The Sexy Body Shape You
Desire* FAST! Subliminal Video for 10 minutes per day. I would
suggest it to anyone who wants to have Sexy Body Shape easily.” – Janice D


I have only used your subliminal video messages for two weeks but already I feel more energized and powerful! Its like I cant wait to watch the videos every day.My confidence is building and I just feel great. Thank you so much for your program, I look forward to experiencing it always! –
Tom H.


“I used the Intelligent Warrior II for sales and KABOOOOM! I doubled my sales in 1 month. Everyone in the office is freaking out! I’m not saying a word about this because they ARE my competition (at the moment). With production like this, I will have my Boss’ job and tell them all!” – Randy J.


“I watched the Warrior Warm-Up III — *Manifest* YOUR Spiritual Health & Fitness FAST! Subliminal Video for 10 seconds and it felt VERY calming. I FELT GOOD! I am one to want more of things that feel good so I watched it for 20 minutes per day for a week. Same thing, however my whole life started becoming more and more fun. By the end of the second week, I was laughing and continuously having fun ALL DAY LONG — even at work! It then hit me that spirituality is something you develop. Call me a ditz-wad, but I am VERY excited about my revelation. Going on my 3rd week, I am happier than I have ever been in my life. I suggest this to anyone who wants to Improve YOUR Spiritual Health & Fitness FAST!” – Jenifer S


“I used “Achieve My Social Potential” for 3 days and it seemed like I had created an alter-ego that was carefree, fun, FULL OF COURAGE, excited and full of energy to explore and try new things WITH *NEW FRIENDS*. It “seems like” there is so many more people in the world now and SO MUCH more opportunity for FUN & GOOD TIMES!! I haven’t had this much fun meeting LOTS of NEW people since my old college days! I’m all smiles… :) Thanks Nelson!!” – Jen T


Hello there,
Thank you for this opportunity. I am a bit embarrased. but also excited. You see, I have been getting the Subliminal Videos for quite a while, and never really tried/looked at them until this week. I am shocked, surprised, and quite happy! In only a few short days, I already feel quite different in a great way. I feel more confident, which I lacked. I feel like I have more engery, which I lacked. I feel like doing things, which was missing from my life. I feel more worthy, deserving. I am not kidding! I can only imagine what will happen when I continue to view these videos. I can’t believe (I really do) what these short, free videos can do! I have been looking for quite a while to help and improve myself, and these are a PLUS! I am truly Greatful! Thank you! – Connie U.


I have been using the Pleasurable profits videos for 60 day and the revenew and the ease of the flow of things have improved dramatically.
My profits have doubled in my office and I have 3 potential investors for my supplement company,not to mention an investor for the expansion plan I have for my practise. None of which excisted 2 months ago. Thank you and Thank God. – Dr. Daniel N.


“This is NUTS!! I began using the Aggressive Manifestation Subliminal Video for 20 minutes a day on a Tuesday. On Friday of that week, I felt a sudden *shift* and lost my fear of public speaking, or speaking to ANYONE!! By Monday, I had about 20 new phone numbers and became an aggressively FUN person IN ALL AREAS OF MY LIFE… ALL! This has helped me enormously both personally AND professionally! I’m A Believer Now!!” – Ray G.


“Unstoppable confidence says it all”. – James T.


I enjoyed the videos,felt as though I had been on a Vacation.I dressed with an old Jacket and found $ inside a pocket.Great feeling,Thanks Nelson for the freebies! – Bo R.


I appreciate your videos. I used these techniques before and made $200,000 a year in the 1980’s.
By watching these videos, I’m getting back to the way I used to think and feel and I’m making more like I used to. –
Sam S.


“This is GREAT and unfolding a new chapter in my life. I am meeting 2-3 new, fun and cool friends each night I go out and don’t have the anxiety and fear that I had before BECAUSE IT WORKS. Thank You. Thank You. Thank You!” – Jim D.


“I have used the *How To Manifest Money, Power, Sex & Love In 10 Hours* Subliminal Video for 2 weeks and notice an undeniable difference in my life. My social anxiety is gone. My income opportunities are increasing BIGTIME daily. My life is 100x better than it was 2 weeks ago. It is entirely due to this subliminal video — 20 minutes per day. I highly suggest it.” – Jimmy T.


Hello, I would like to comment on the power of the money mentalism series, have been watching 1 through 7 for thirty days. Immediately noticed a difference in thought patterns within minutes of using the first video. New ways of making money every day seem to appear. With minimal effort I have tripled my income from $2000 a month to $6000. This is some really incredible technology!
Can not wait to see what I do in the next 30 days! – L. Chappele


When i watched this subliminal,I was mesmerized. It is so beautiful and impressive to watch. You are lost in a new world of peace and beauty. –
Dr. Dilip M


“Unexpected! This is an amazing technology for me. The results I
achieved in my personal & professional life are far more than I
expected. This is no one-trick-pony. I’ve gotten incredible results
all across the board. Too many to write here. As you’d imagine, the
most exciting video I’ve ever watched. Highly recommended!” – Steve J


“I watched Master Manifestor II Subliminal Video — The Ballet
of Manifestation and was amazed by a few things that stood out. I
had an increased precision with laser sharp sales communication.
Mostly, the “manifestation aspect” of subliminal messages drew
deals to me!! VERY COOL!! I watch this in the morning for 5-10
minutes, take notes on the thoughts that come to me, take action on
those thoughts and it seems like I am on auto-pilot for the rest of
the day. No kidding, I’ve sold more in the last 3 weeks than the
previous 2 months combined.” – Justin H


Thanks Nelson for all of the great work that you do. I purchased the Intelligent Warrior Subliminal program, and have been watching and listening to it for a couple of weeks now. I can tell that I am more confidant in myself and my actions & inter-actions with people now. I will continue to invest in your programs and I look forward in anticipation to all that you create in the future. –
Richard S.


“I have used The Master Manifestor III — Speed & Quickness
Subliminal Video for 3 weeks. I have gotten more done in the last 3
weeks than I did in the previous year! Lots of my long time goals
are developing at a pace that I didn’t expect — FAST! While
everyone else is watching TV, I am getting stuff done, BECAUSE I
WANT TOO! My income is on track to double over last month!! WOW!” – Janet S


“I have been using The Enjoy Happiness & Peace of Mind Subliminal
Video 20 minutes per day since last Tuesday. I CAN NOT BELIEVE WHAT
HAS HAPPENNED!!! Many of the things I was hoping would happen HAVE
HAPPENNED! It looked like a coincidence, but too many things have
happened since using this to attribute it to coincidence. Thank You
So Much Nelson!” – Jennifer S


lAST YEAR I bought one of your videos and used it every day for 2 weeks went to las vegas won over $6,000 and get free rooms and food.
I just got Angels and went to Tama casino and won toltal of $7,000 take home last night. I love your videos.
– Karen L.


“My life was way out of balance before I used the new Intelligent Warrior Video. All I did was work too much, drink too much, eat too much, watch TV too much and pass out with the TV on and do it again the next day. This Video has expanded the potential in my life in the RIGHT DIRECTION. Things are starting to happen. I’m not nervous talking to women any more. I feel comfortable in most any conversations now and am not afraid of other people.

“I have a new found continuous supply of energy and stamina for situations and interactions that used to wear me out. It is impossible to write all the benefits I have received from SAVE. This is a MAJOR Breakthrough for me and my life and I would recommend it to anyone who feels like they are out of balance or who feels they could get more out of life. I felt it within 30 seconds and started getting some WICKED results that dumbfounded me on the first day after using it for only 20 minutes. Thanks for saving my life and WAKING ME UP!! MY LIFE IS 1000% MORE FUN NOW! Thank You Nelson.” -Jim C.


”I can’t believe what has happened since I started using this video. I used to have more fear than faith and it used to really slow me down and make me tired… Now I am simply asking for what I want ALL THE TIME — AND GETTING IT!!

The ONLY thing I changed was watching The Intelligent Warrior for 20 minutes per Day! This is incredible and my life is fun and exciting again!” – Steve J


“I made $5,000 last week after using this video each day —
a 500% increase over the week before! I wish I had “$5K per
day” about 40 years ago. I already gave it to all my friends.
I knew there was a *secret*. My financial stress has left me.” – Jim A


Your video subliminal messages are always on my laptop.
I am a single mom of five children. One of them has special needs.
The videos have helped increase my self confidence and self worth.
Thank you so much. – Fatima K.


“I have used The Master Manifestor III — Speed & Quickness
Subliminal Video for 3 weeks. I have gotten more done in the last 3
weeks than I did in the previous year! Lots of my long time goals
are developing at a pace that I didn’t expect — FAST! While
everyone else is watching TV, I am getting stuff done, BECAUSE I
WANT TOO! My income is on track to double over last month!! WOW!” – Janet S


“I have been using The Enjoy Happiness & Peace of Mind Subliminal
Video 20 minutes per day since last Tuesday. I CAN NOT BELIEVE WHAT
HAS HAPPENNED!!! Many of the things I was hoping would happen HAVE
HAPPENNED! It looked like a coincidence, but too many things have
happened since using this to attribute it to coincidence. Thank You
So Much Nelson!” – Jennifer S


Great Videos Work the Best Got to Try and see for your self. –
Stephen P.


This has made me feel very CALM and all the people I am around seem to notice a quiet and strong demeanor. Since I feel calm people are more at ease with me. Thank you very kindly for the gifts.
– Respectfully REY


“I am so happy I am not afraid to be myself anymore. I am not
holding back anymore and things are much better. I AM SO RELIEVED
— It’s actually easier and more natural. It’s REALLY cool! I
wouldn’t have believed it before, but this is for real!! I would
recommend everyone try this to learn what their truth is. It’s VERY
powerful! Thank You Nelson!” – Tom J


“Nelson, After I purchased your system I received a few 1000 of
pounds ( around $8000 ) within about a week from a hidden account I
didn’t even realise existed. Out of the blue and exactly when I
needed it. Without working a single day, I managed 3 trips around
the world from effortless money making using this knowledge. More
recently I started upping the technology by employing the use of
SSE. The results: Unbelievably powerful. Without exaggeration I’ve
just gone from $0000 per year ( living off an overdraft and
spiraling out of control debt ) to a secure $100,000 ( you read it
correctly ) in a matter of weeks. Not only that but the company
rates 10 out of 10 for integrity, my satisfaction with the position
and the way I’ve been treated – if I keep this up my wildest dreams
are coming true sooner than I could imagine. Thanks a bunch!” – Sam B


I love these videos. The photograpy is gorgeous and even though traveling to the Carribean isn’t one of my desires at this point, I am uplifted by the beauty and feel profound gratitude for the experiences I’ve had, and eager for the next one. – Jim D.


This has made
me feel very CALM and all the people I am around seem to notice a quiet and
strong demeanor. Since I feel calm people are more at ease with me. Thank
you very kindly for the gifts. – Respectfully Ray C.


“Nelson, My Sales Have Increased 25% in 1 Week. There is not a
book in the world, or meditation or hypnosis recording that can
do what your system does. Love ‘n’ Luxxxury I INSTANTLY generates
POWERFUL & POSITIVE EMOTIONS in me. This takes an unbelievable
weight off my shoulders in my pursuit of manifesting things. Love
The Focus!! It’s just what I needed. Thank You!!” – Jasmine S


“Astonishing. This has helped me reinject a lust for living
again. Haven’t felt this way in 20 years, at least. Upon
finishing my first week using The Love ‘n’ Luxxxury II Refined in
Riches Subliminal Video, it has drastically changed my life for
the better. I realize it is something I must continue to watch
daily,but now I’m in the driver’s seat! Thanks Nelson!” – Michael L


The videos are amazing. the best out there. Mr Barry has added a great value too the world. I watch the videos 4 times a day. I love them… :)
– John P.


I have experimented with subliminals for a while and was close to the conclusion that results were not verifiable. I needed dramatic changes to eliminate coincidence as I am active in the area of personal empowerment. Working with your free downloads I literally bombarded myself with repeated listening because I was refered to your site by a trusted source, and wanted to put the whole issue behind me. By the second day, maybe after twenty listen-ins, I felt a definite resolve in my interaction with people. More importantly, I was thinking in a more robust and result-focused way. I believe you have something others may have missed and will continue to use these subliminal videos going forward. –
Sam L.


Since I downloaded your subliminal recordings, I sleep better than ever before,my attitude has also changed,I have more patience and I have made better contacts higher up due to my understanding of issues in general. I strongly recommend them to anybody.
They are a must,I listen on my MP3 when I go to bed and it works wonders.
Congratulations and keep it going.

I have been using Nelson Berry’s Subliminal Videos for a few years now. Every morning before work I watch the ”Pleasurable Profits Series”. Right after work I watch the ”Money Mentalisum” series. Ever since eperiencing the effortless success from Nelson Berry’s Subliminal Videos, I have been the top sales rep consistantly at the firm I work. Not bad for being in the Top 1%. It’s so awesome to be at the right place at the right time so efortlessly. I am extreamly confident that Nelson Berry’s Subliminal Videos will help me attain my ultimate goal of being Self Employed.I never got the chance to express my sincere appreciation to Nelson Berry and his Subliminal Videos and I suppose now I have. Thanks Nelson for making it possible for real positve change in my life, so effortlessly. I recommend that those seeking real change in their lives, take advantage of the true answer and change from within from Nelson Berry’s Subliminal Videos. You owe it to yourself and your family to make positive and lasting Life Changes. I am a living example of being successful from Nelson Berry’s Subliminal Videos, and if I can do it so can You !
– R. Weaving


“Nelson, My Sales Have Increased 25% in 1 Week. There is not a
book in the world, or meditation or hypnosis recording that can
do what your system does. Love ‘n’ Luxxxury I INSTANTLY generates
POWERFUL & POSITIVE EMOTIONS in me. This takes an unbelievable
weight off my shoulders in my pursuit of manifesting things. Love
The Focus!! It’s just what I needed. Thank You!!” – Jasmine S


“Astonishing. This has helped me reinject a lust for living
again. Haven’t felt this way in 20 years, at least. Upon
finishing my first week using The Love ‘n’ Luxxxury II Refined in
Riches Subliminal Video, it has drastically changed my life for
the better. I realize it is something I must continue to watch
daily,but now I’m in the driver’s seat! Thanks Nelson!” – Michael L


These appear to be quite good, my finances are very tight so I have not purchased all that I would like. Give them a try they are very well made!
– Richard R.


Hi Nelson & team. I have enjoyed using your subliminal videos over the last 6 weeks or so. The images & music you use are really positive.I feel really calm & uplifted as well as empowered after watching the videos. I try & use them regularly for their effectiveness for me. I’ve not become rich/wealthy yet, but work in progress! –
June B.


“WHOAH! The Law of Attraction works on the Internet Too!! After
watching The Love ‘n’ Luxxxury II Refined In Riches Subliminal
Video daily for 2 weeks, I have completely revamped my Home Based
Internet Marketing Business and IT IS NOW PROFITABLE!! I had a
300% increase in sales in 2 weeks. I made $1500 last week — up
from $500 2 weeks before! I am so excited, relaxed and relieved.
I’m going to give this another few months and probably quit my
job. YEAH!! FINALLY!! Thanks Nelson!!” – Ted F


“I used the Love ‘n’ Luxxxury Subliminal Video from Jan to May
and COMPLETELY came out of debt AND got a brand new boat to boot!
That was the easiest manifestation I ever tried in my life!
Thank You. Thank You. Thank You!!” – Scott D


I think the subliminal videos are great! They are more than beautiful of really pretty places. They bring back wonderful memories for me and do make a difference in my life. The videos also are put to good music too!
– Pam M.


“What? Working out is easy? When I heard you say that I felt like you where not talking about me, but I tried The Warrior Workout Subliminal Video just to see. I ordered it last Wednesday and I went to the gym 3 times since!!! I haven’t been into the gym in 15 YEARS! I started watching this video for 5-6 minutes each morning AND doing the written exercise for 5-6 minutes. It WAS Easy! I even purchased some pre-workout carb & protein drinks for this to make it even easier. WOW! I am SO excited to Get Back Into Healthy Shape!! My husband is excited too! This is unbelievable AND FUN! Where have you been hiding?” – Sandie A


i have been using them since the first one came out and will continue.
– Gabriel N.


“My Wife & I got a pre-release copy of this in December. We
both used it for 90 days. In that time we have started a
business, replaced our income and QUIT OUR JOBS WITHIN 90 DAYS!
This is SO FUN! Thanks For Helping Us!” – Tom R


“I have suffered from anxiety and depression for 10 years, since I
was 20 years old. I have used this system daily and have found
freedom in it and feel MUCH MUCH better. What a relief! Thanks
Nelson!” – Jamie T


“I Was using the $5K Per Day Subliminal Video daily, but I had
emotional pain over a loss in the stock market. I added this video
to my daily regime and used it BEFORE I did any subliminal
manifestation videos and I have completely recovered financially in
90 days. I knew it was going to work cause on the first day I WON
$3510.00 IN A CASINO!!!! This is VERY POWERFUL! Thanks Nelson!” – James H


I have been using Nelson’s videos for about a year and am greatly impressed with the results of the inspiration i have received from them. i Am currently putting together a motivational and spiritual speaking business and they have helped me with ideas for the name of my business and speeches!! Keep up the graet work Nelson!!
– David M.


“I started using this video last summer as a beta tester. The ONLY
thing I did was commit to watch this Subliminal Video every day. I
didn’t understand it. I just did it! I’m so glad I did!! I watch
for 7 minutes minimum, but I have watched and listened to The
Millionaire in 1 Year Subliminal Video for more than an hour many
many times. It can get kind of boring, but when you are planting
50,400 Subliminal Audio & Video Messages in YOUR subconscious mind
every 7 minutes, don’t you think it’s worth it? I did achieve my
goals! But I’m not going to retire, I’m only 30. Now that I’m up,
I’m going to Build-Build-Build on my lead. If you are reading this,
I suggest you try it… Just Do It! I felt it instantly and
began to see intuitive (obvious) results within days.” – John S


I love the Angels video and it is free.I use it daily while riding my stationary bike.I plan on purchasing more videos. I own other videos by Nelson, they are great. I suggest anyone who wants any kind of change to get these products. –
Howard B.


It has been a blessing to have accidently come across a website relating to subliminal videos.

Having been the victim of a vicious attack I was finding it extremely difficult to readjust to my normal life (a laywer by profession). I became a recluse. I completely stoppped going out or engaging with friends and family. My whole life had crumbled and I lacked any self worth and had no confidence what so ever.

I needed to re programme my mind and hence one day I decided to surf the internet to see what action I could take to regain confidence and my earning power without going back to full time professional activity.

I by chance came across Nelson Berry’s site and was to be honest rather skeptical not believing that subliminal messaging would work but something told me to try.

I bought the intelligent warrior series and the make millions today video.

I also decided to try out Nelson’s 10 minute ritual – all I can say is that thank God I did.

After three weeks of watching the videos I noticed a shift in my mood and a raising of my energy level.

I felt an equilibrium within myself.

A month and a half after my purchasing of make millions today I got an email from an old contact I had not spoken to in years. He said that he had an urge to call me – he had not thought about me at all in years yet a two days earlier he felt compelled to make contact with me.

He said he was now trading commodities and financial instruments and that he was making fortunes. I was happy for him and when he came of the phone I again took to my laptop and began looking into financial intruments and for some very unknown reason I thought I can do this so I looked up sellers and searched for buyers all in one day.

My confidence was high. I felt as though I could take on the world -and win!!

I now have contracts with three different buyers for closures on financial instruments – I have three contracts signed and sales closed – my first commission is in excess of $4,000,000 and all I have done is made a few calls and monitored contracts from my home which is what i wanted to do.

I know that the intelligent warrior series and the million in a day video have made this possible – the real secret is ”you” – you are the creator of your own universe – what the eye of your mind sees and believes is what ”you” will manifest.

Nelson’s videos have helped to programme my mind – they have given me self belief and have created a millionaire mindset beyond compare.

Business and contacts just keep coming to me out of the blue. My life can only get better and better.

The biggest mistake one can make is to lack self belief. The intelligent warrior series is the right medicine for that ailment.

one has to want change for it to manifest and be prepared to act when opportunities present themselves.

For me – my personal experiance is that you have to watch the subliminal videos of your choice depending on what you want.

The Intelligent Warrior series is s MUST and from my view point watch the video as soon as you wake up and again before you sleep for at least a month to see the mysterious forces of nature magnetically attract that which you believe you deserve.

I believe if it was not for the subliminal videos I would still be in a negative state right now.

I continue watching Nelson’s videos daily they are my minds tonic and I look forward to enjoying the life I am creating.



“I went from $0.00 to Making Ten Grand the First Month…I DIDN’T EVEN HAVE A JOB!!! This is Unbelievable! I watched the video each morning for 10 minutes and jotted down ANY thoughts that came to me while watching and I took action on those thoughts!! I could write a book about what happened, but let me please sum it up with a sincere Thank You! A Godsend Indeed!! Thank You Nelson Berry!! I REALLY Needed That!! WOW!!” – Jim T.


“I use this video and made about $20,000 in 2 days at
the poker tables here. I have used forms of this before,
but never anything like this. “What Makes Men Lucky”
is Correct!!” – Jim H.


“I tried this video BECAUSE it sounded GREAT and thought… What could it
hurt? I did “The 10-Minute Ritual” as described. Get This… My income
INCREASED TO $15,000 PER MONTH for the first time in my life WITHIN 3 DAYS!!
On the 3rd day after doing this exercise, out of no where… WHAM! I
had this intuitive thought to call on this account and… IT WAS LIKE THEY
MY COMPANY WITHIN 3 DAYS! NOW, I watch this before I even eat breakfast!!
Thank You Berry!!” – Jamie T.


I loved your vidoes they were so beautiful I couldn’t leave them alone I kept downloading more of them and listening to them.I felt at peace I started unwinding and relaxing.Iam due to have some surgery the day after your email arrived so your vidoes took all the worry away from me.I am at peace now with my lord and thank you very much. God Bless you – Judith B.


I started using this product on June 18, 2010. By August 1, 2010 I had received an additional $6,900 in cash. I had referred a friend to an investment broker, and the friend was so impressed that he invested a significant amount with the broker. As a result of that the broker sent me a 2% finders fee of the money invested. I did nothing but receive.
– Neal D.


“Nelson THIS is incredible! I have used this for 60 days straight and have had the best 2 months of my life. When I started “The 10 Minute Ritual”, I was driving a “beater” and NOW I’m in a Brand New Mercedes!! This is CRAZY! For me, it REALLY TOOK OFF at day 23! I took in about $50,000 in CASH in the last 60 Days! If you haven’t tried this yet DO IT NOW!” – Shawna T.


“I watched and listened to “The Top .01% Subliminal Video” every day, in 10 minute sessions, for 2 months straight. After 2 weeks, everyone around me noticed a change in my demeanor. By the 3rd week, I had quit my job, cashed in my 401K and invested it for a share in a local car wash. Now I’m making about 20 times what I was making at my job and don’t even have to show up. I made $40,000 last month compared to my average $1750 I was making before… ONLY 2 MONTHS!” – Janie T.


“I have tried subliminal messages in the past and they did not work for me. THIS ONE DID! After 3 months of daily use of Money Mentalism VI, Increase My Income 120,000%, I have acquired $1.2 million in Net Worth! Now I am LIVING MY DREAM! THANK YOU NELSON BERRY! If you aren’t yet living YOUR dream, TRY THIS! Just Do It!” – Tom P.


Money Mentalism V Is phenomenal. It’s what I have been looking for.
I have my own billionaire videos for a while now and I wanted you to make one now you did. Thanks. Please make more billionaire videos-this my favourite video of your by a long way.
Make one like the billionaire lifestyle etc. ps i will buy it. – Christopher M.


4 days after watch worrior 12 i stao smoking.
– Sal P.


When Nelson Berry Subliminal Video Messages tell you of a Powerful New Video is Hot, Your best bet is to seize the moment to get it while it HOT! Some of the greatest Subliminal Video have been offered to you and I at no cost, so when Nelson Berry puts one of these Hot Videos out there for cost, believe me it is Super Hot!!! Jump on them while the getting is good for FREE or at Cost! Again, Please SEIZE THE MOMENT!
– Russell H.


“When I was a kid, I thought I knew everything. Looking back, I think I did. I forgot what it felt like until I watched The $20K Per Day Subliminal Video. I went from a “Regular Joe” to an Emotional Powerhouse with HUGE MONEY flowing in and throwing positive vibes everywhere. I hit my TOTAL Financial Goal for the entire Year in 60 Days!” – Jim T.


“I have used it (First-Class Fortune) for 30 days. I have felt a
HUGE shift in my personal AND professional life. In my personal
life, I am a happier person overall. Professionally, I have beat
the company sales record last month by landing a MONSTER account. I
still can’t believe that happened. I kinda feel like I am floating
on a cloud. I am so grateful. I need to pinch myself sometimes to
be sure this is real. Highly Recommended” – James T


“I have watched the ‘PP2’ video every
morning and every night for 3 weeks…
about 30 minutes per day total. Right now I
am VERY excited by the results and wanted
to comment. I have seen an obvious
improvement in my income… VERY OBVIOUS!
Just as I had hoped for! WOW! Thanks Nelson
Berry!” – Janet S


I have used £5k per day & Gratitude 20 minutes daily since February 2010. Believe it. Mr Berry’s videos work. I have a chant list of 8 statements (derived from the book “The Secret”) which I repeat in my mind as these vidoes play. Today, work and money comes to me easily(previously it was not). I bought the car of me dreams – it is a 5 year old Rover 75 Fully Loaded Limousine with the V8 grille – very rare – 1 of only 20 made – £38k new – I sold 2 other cars to get it, 1 a classic I had failed to sell on 3 previous attempts over the last 10 years! Now I am focused on developing my business strongly (hence the purchase of this currect video) and moving to an appropriate house near a school that would suit my 7 year old.

AND I KNOW IT IS HAPPENING even though it has yet to manifest. Gratitude to Neil Berry (amongst others) is one of the chants I make during video watching. Thank you Neil, for freeing me up. If you have caught the ether of what I have said so far, you would have realised that the car was my NUMBER ONE priority for manifestation thus far, whilst the work & money was subsidiary to that. Now it is time to manifest money to achieve the next goal of being in the right place for my fine son’s continuing education.
– Petros G.


the subliminal is very good.
– Mesfer A.


I am a powerful Money Magnet attracting Money.
– Sanu S.


I have used Pure profits 1, and my gosh, Nelson, this sh** is da bomb! Dude, it’s crazy (in a good way!).

I mean Nelson, where have you been hiding all the good stuff? It’s like you were testing the waters with the older subliminal videos, and now you’ve decided to unleash the real deal!

Talk about transformational! Nothing comes close! The pure profits 1 video had me smiling after the first minute! People in the office were wondering whether I was watching something on youtube!

Whatever good stuff you have hidden Nelson, please release them. I knew that there was more potent subliminal videos, and pure profits 1 proved it!

P.S. I am currently downloading Pure Profits 2. Will give you a review soon.
– Jerry A.


Well Nelson,
Christ but you have made a quantum leap with this new Pleasurable Profits 1 sub vid. I was only lately thinking that you hadn’t something new for a while and I was quietly smiling to myself thinking what new one you would come up with. Boy was I blown away, I always admired the effect of Cool Iris on the web and what you’ve done is 1st class man.

They aren’t pictures from the Dominican Republic be any chance are they ? :) There’s an event on there next January that I am focusing on Feeling Good about.

Since joining the (which I’ve a hunch you’re in)and hearing the Your Wish is Your Command CDs (so so excellently put together)things have finally started to all make sense and I know I don’t know what I don’t know but All will be explained soon enough (some weekend KT :)I guess and I can’t wait. When I hear good music especially classical and Beethovens ODe to Joy I just BLAST out galaxy energy and it FEELs so GOOD it moves me to shed a few wee tears of sheer joy and BLISS nearly daily. Back in 1991 and 1992 I got a taste but it fucked me up headwise BIG TIME for a long long time, so much so that I automatically SHUT down ALL feelings just so to PROTECT myself, self preservation mechanism, but lately that part of me has started to awaken again and this time if FEELS SO RIGHT. (what in gods name am I on about says ya :)

I have most if not all of your sub vids and they are a pleasure and sheer joy to dip into this savage arsenal of Subliminal Power untapped normally by any of our best conscious efforts.
I have been studying psychology and maths in college for the last 3 years but since joining GIN college knowledge (even all the colleges in the world put together I reckon) pales in comparison to what GIN have to offer and it is only the beginning. I haven’t been back to college in the last 2 weeks nor do I ever intend to return

Anyway, I digress a tad. Them 30 council members in GIN are owed so so much gratitude that the universe expands and dances with pure bliss as we speak.
So Nelson who knows but I may bump into you someday on the beaches of the world and shake that mighty hand of yours and here is a GREAT BIG THANK YOU from the bottom of my HEART for all the value you have created over the years.

I do not praise people that often but when I do I really mean it, another King I have to get around to pass on my EMOTIONAL POWERFUL GRATITUDE is Mark Hamilton, tis so long overdue. I’ll get there – anyway, thanks again man. Edit and cut whatever you need for a testimonial out of the above if you wish. May the force grow ever stronger in you. –
P. Carey


“I used this video for 30 days and, seriously,
my whole life changed. I got a HUGE “lucky
break” and extra money started
rolling in almost immediately. The BEST part of
never had so much FUN making money! Nelson this
is amazing! I can’t wait to meet you
face-to-face! Thank You So Much!” – Tom J


“Hi Nelson. I have used Pleasurable Profits
IV — Brilliant Mastermind Advantage! daily
for 30 days. I have developed a “psychic 6th
sense” that I’ve never experienced before.
This has been the most profitable month of
my entire life financially, socially &
emotionally! I can’t wait to see what happens
next. I’m very happy & excited. Thank You!!!” – Linda H


Aloha! I purchased one of your videos a few months ago and most of it was filmed here on these islands.So I’ve seen most of those beautiful places first hand.After about a month went by of watching this video of yours twice a day my business really picked up!!I just had my best month in 5 years!!I have purchased more videos recently I love them ,Aloha and thank you Nelson!!!! 
– Mike S.


Hi there,about a year ago I bought these video’s ,5k,and warrior series.At my work suddenly all funds to be paid to our employees were paid into my account.I started experiencing the most beautiful nature scenes and and even some rainbows.Someone deleted my vids from my computer.I decided then to by them back once again.

After watching these video’s again some really interesting things happened. I got a big discount on the Franchise I bought ,the banks and everybody just started helping,financing me .

I just love watching my videos ,the nature and waterfalls are just gorgeous and my soul is at a peacefull place which I havened experienced for a long time.

I want more…..Thanks Nelson. – Nico N.


”Three Words… I’M FINALLY FREE!

Amazing things happened to me when I used Pleasurable Profits VI,
The Excel YOUR Finishing Skills Subliminal Video every day for 3

Surprisingly, I advanced incredibly in many areas…

1- I doubled my income… 3 MONTHS-IN-A-ROW!!!!

2- I shed A LOT of body fat that was slowing me down!

3- I have AMAZING CONFIDENCE which gives me the POWER to take
confident action instantly… and stay confident.

4- I’ve had more HOT dates in the last 3 months than I’ve had in
the last 3 years!

5- The possibilities are limitless…

This Subliminal Video Technology from Nelson Berry is worth 1000
times what YOU pay for it!! Be WISE and try it and see if it does
the same for YOU. I bet it will… if it works for me, it WILL
work for YOU”

Max T


This is the MOST BEAUTIFUL video I’ve seen yet! Even if there were no subliminals, it’s beauty only would inspire joy.

Thank you with all my heart.
– Alyssa


I started playing the subliminal money series on Friday, Feb 20, on Saturday, Feb 21 I won $1,300 at the casino? Coincidence? I think not. I am continuing to turn things over to the universe…financial, love, health.
– Jane S.


This video IMMEDIATELY produced some radical results in my finances and my life! I would recommend it to anyone who is on the verge of giving up on subliminal videos. THIS ONE will renew YOUR FAITH in a brighter future.
Jess K.

I’m getting the hang of the photos, and ‘warming’ to them. I no longer hesitate or worry over talking to people and am realizing the beauty of living now, today. Thank you.
– Pete W.


“I’ve never made so much money in my ENTIRE LIFE! I used the
system for 30 days. It’s hard to describe the
*Profit-Seeking-Guidance* that has been magically instilled
in me. *EXTREMELY Profitable Coincidences* keep happening to
me EVERY DAY. It REALLY blows my mind!!! I could write pages
about this…In short, I am SO GRATEFUL to have THIS
Subliminal video. That was The-Best-Month-Of-My-Life! Thank
You Nelson So Much! – Dan W


yes nelson berry is a very honest man i purchased subliminal videos over a year ago my computer crashed before i got benefits but they were working i emailed nelson berry about my lost he sent out new ones right away this company is real and so are these subliminal messages – paul b ca.


Ansell W.


I have never purchased anything in life more valuable than the Subliminal Video Series ! They are worth their weight in gold. The Subliminal Video’s have become a part of my life as there is nothing more powerful than changing within.There is no more powerful Subliminal concept than Nelson Berry’s “Video Subliminals".
Nelson, I have never met you in person, yet I consider you a Friend, a Best
Friend. Thanks for being there like a best friend always does. Regards – Richard M.


I absolutely LOVE your videos! After one week of watching them, things are really turning around for me! I am manifesting and attracting so many wonderful things! I would recommend any of them!
Hope D.

I started watching this video 20mins per day.
30 days after I started I go a new job that tripled my salary. – Pat C.


I purchased the videos because of Nelson’s
60 day money back guarantee and his offer to allow selling rights to the videos. I figured, “why not, it cant hurt to try this.” I have been practicing that law of attraction and working on tweaking my vibration in the manifestation of financial abundance for about 3 years now. I have had pretty good success on my own. However, I started watching the videos, about 10 min per day. I started seeing money trickle in from unexpected sources. I dont watch the video every day, but have noticed that when I watch it I feel relaxed and more abundant right away. We all know you must feel abundance in order to allow more of it. Then checks just begin to appear. If I forget to watch the video things seem to slow down, but I have this underlying new confidence that there is always more money. Then I watch the video and money starts to appear.

I know it sounds other worldly or weird. It works and I dont really know or care how it works. This past week I got a check for $50.00, then 1930.00, then another for 100.00. The week prior I think I received about 700.00 extra money. Easily and effortlessly, it just came to me. I will continue watching my way to 5K per day. No, I will not be asking for my money back, but am certainly passing this on to everyone I possibly can. I want everyone to have this much fun and success. I want the whole world to know that we are only limited financially and in every other way by our beliefs. Each day I commit to get up and say, “Wow, I have 24 golden hours, how much abundance can I allow into my life today to bless myself and the world?” 
– Lauren L.


Well done Nelson! Thankyou for the series of ‘Warrior’ videos.The Warrior videos have some Wonderful scenes to look at, just where did you find these wonderful photos.They are lovely to look at, very relaxing and wonderful quality.
– Guy W.


I began to use Subliminal Health Fitness this winter and now , I can say the health is better , I have an wonderful silhouette , really ,and the perfect wight
.I feel fantastic  – Rebecca L.


Hello from Australia! At first I have to admit that I was always skeptical of on-line marketing. I got your invitation for the love subliminals and thought, may as well try it (for the questionarre version).
I watched the love subliminals a few times over. And then my life changed totally (for the better). It’s difficult to describe in a few words. It’s like magic!

Anyway, I am looking forward to putting through an order for the full set as soon as possible. I’m interested in the money subliminals especially. The first time I saw your subliminal pictures on the site I was impressed. And now after only trying out the love subliminals……….Very happy with the result.

Thank you very much. Welcome to put my testimonial in part or full on your site, if you like. And looking forward to getting the entire set! Cheers – Luthor


These videos are an investment in yourself. I urge you to make that investment.
– Stephen H.


I’m just writing to tell you that this is the best purchase I have ever made. I feel so much better in so many ways I cannot even begin to describe how I now feel. I have only downloaded these in the past week and already I can feel it. Thank you, I hsve watched number IV the most and I cannot believe how my appetite has changed, I cannot believe it’s me. I haven’t stood on the scale yet and I know it’s gonna take time to lose the weight I’ve gained the past year, but everyday is a new beginning and I can feel it happening, I feel so happy and full of hope today, like I have not felt since I can remember. Again thanks, I cannot wait until the next couple of weeks to see how I progress and feel by then. –
Jake Y.


I’m fired and wired up and focused now more than ever before from watching these internally stimulating videos. Hence I sense the correct actions to take in all circumstances as this absolute knowing is evident in all I am while every action resonates dynamic potency to do, to have and to be all you can be.

Than you, Thank you, Thank you! – Lester M.


I am so very impressed with the results of the videos! I have simply watched the first four Warrior Warm-up health and weight loss videos everyday and I have found myself making better food choises and adding exercise to my daily routine. These changes have been occuring without me consciously trying or struggling–I just find that I feel like moving about more or I feel like taking my calcium, etc, etc. The result is that in one week I have lost almost 2 pounds. The miracle is that it has just happened without struggle and I find myself simply enjoying the process. Thank you so very much!!! I feel that I finally have something that keeps me gently on track and erases the struggle associated with loosing those extra pounds that create so much misery. Thank you!!!
– Vivian B.


Subliminal Video Messages are powerful ,full of a special energy that can’t find in other place.They really orks for every one .
– L. Roman


WOW! This is
amazing. The first time I watched the "Happy Time" video I had a smile on my
face in about 15 seconds. After 20 views I still get a big smile. I find
myself having more joy in my heart throughout the whole day. I hear the
piano in my head and I am instantly joyful. – Al V.H.



I followed the 4 step program and wrote each step down every day for the month and you are right,I wanted and created a grey SUV and it has arrived.This is so amazing and thank you for your help & advice.I plan on doing this to create other dreams,such as a new home on the river,I have a vision board and I also meditate.
– Cathy B.


sexy video,
– Bayra K.


Help in healing the mind,
– J Godfrey


– Abbas R.


I feel confident watching all the three Subliminal videos.
I am sure “I’ve won The Powerball”!!! – Anabella B.


Happy Times -this remainds me about an afternoon walk with a friend ,or a time when go out just for fun and want to met with friends . The feeling is wonderful , special state of mind ,detachment by a busy day , increase harmony feeling , socialise easily,deep relax in all connections.Jaz music is like a refinement invitation to a party where can dance ,laugh,feel good .Is like I am there and I play to piano for all . Yes, I know I can do this have only to believe and follow the magic rythm of jazz .Enjoy the music , can brings a happy time !
– Lydia R.


– Daniel V.


– David C.


This is the miracle of technology & brain sciences .. Luckily, i’m so interested to develop my information in these field .. Because many people need it without they know that they need it !!! it is amazing !! it improved my inspirational ability to train & motivate my teamwork .. i realy feel a difference in the confidence & even in the internal happiness .. Even i feel a noticeable increasement in my concentration & focus .. i can do business more .. i can read more & faster .. i can type even faster than before .. i can see the complete picture of any problem quickly with a relaxed mind .. all i did is only watching the Video of : Aggressive Manifestation & Unstoppable Confidence for 20 minutes a day each .. without any effort other than watching & wear a headphone .. i felt that result from the first day .. But it became very noticeable after 2 weeks .

– Sameer F.


I have been using the $5000 per day subliminal video for just over a month and I must say it has helped me tremendously. Although I haven’t made any more money my attitude has become very positive and I have received money that was totally unexpected. My worries of my finances has lessened and I completely believe things are working out. The stress that I had previous to viewing the video has gone and again my whole attitude is so positive. The video has also prompted me to start searching for manifestation literature. Overall I have to say the video has been great and I have shared it with a few close friends who have commented on the positive it has had on them.
– Arthur R.


These videos are amazing! I feel empower and my depression has been lifted….all from less than 20 mins a day of watching my computer screen!
– Jerome J.


I use the Intelligent Warrior Subliminal Video series to really create an entire new life for myself! I have tried everything thats out there over the past 30 years, books tapes, seminars, I really mean EVERYTHING! Two good things I have learned is that to really change your life you must work from the inside out and you attract in your life what you think about. This wonderful video series does just that! It’s really so simple, you just watch and you notice that things just start changing inside AND out. New people show up in your life because they want what you have, you really do GLOW with good energy! I feel really ALIVE, more attractive, more fun-loving, more prosperous. Life, all of a sudden is a great ride! Happy Times, my favorite, sums it up, life is a hoot even “out there” in the “serious, uptight” planet we live on. I find myself wanting to scream “CHILL-OUT FOLKS!” Can’t wait to see what’s next!!!!!!! I will warn you, you WILL laugh and smile more than you ever have before!
– D. Hurst


I have used the $5K per Day Subliminal Video to open my mind to find an internet business I can actually earn over $5K per day. I have found one and know that now it can be a reality and not just a dream. Thanks Nelson.
– Marilyn B.


I used Intelligent Warrior videos for a while now and my relationships with my friends have gotten better and a lot more fun! I have much more friends confidence and a whole lotta money. Thanks. 
– Bill S.


I was caught up in the mortgage ARM debacle and was facing the possible loss of my home. Out of the “blue” a person in the mortgage business appeared and persuaded my mortgage company to forgive approximately $20,000 worth of charges within a matter of days. Moreover, I was able to refinance at a decent fixed rate. Miracle…I think so!
– Carl O.


I used the $5K Per Day Subliminal Video every day for about 30 minutes. At first I was skeptical that it was working. I guess it’s because one gets used to hearing affirmations out loud rather than subliminally.

After a couple of days of viewing the video, I began to notice changes in my life.
I didn’t feel stressed. I had a positive outlook, and my worries about money disappeared.

For once, in a really long time, I really felt alive. My Mother said that I looked great, and others made similar comments. I feel great. My outlook on life has changed and I’ve begun to write again, something I hadn’t done in a long long time.

While I’ve not experienced a sudden increase in money, I know that I don’t have to worry about my future. its all taken care of.  –
Robert W.


I used the Intelligent Warrior Subliminal Videos for only 5 days now and the changes in my life have even astounded me. I confidently approached my boss about my 6 month overdue raise. I was thrilled to receive an offer for $1000 more per year than I was hoping for AND I got a check for the retroactive 6 months to the tune of an extra $1350! I realize now that all I had to do to get this extra money was to be confident enough to ask for it. The Intelligent Warrior easily gave me this confidence after watching the videos for only 5 days after suffering for 6 months by being afraid to act. It’s also been amazingly easier for me to state my thoughts and feelings and opinions in general. My relationship is improving and I’ve been finding it much easier to be affectionate with my partner. The walls are coming down and I’m thrilled with my ability to empower myself. This is a wonderful product! –
Amy M.


I have been watching the aggressive manifestation video and the sexyspirit video for approxiamtely 6 weeks now. I try to watch each one for 20 minutes each day. I have noticed since watching the videos I am working out and eating healthy. I have lost about 8 lbs and I’m really feeling good about myself. I seem to be feeling happier and just more motivated without even trying. These videos really do work, I love them. The pictures are very enjoyable to watch, very classy and professional looking. My next purchase is the 5k, I’ll let you know how that goes. I’m confident it will be great! I have tried just about everything and nothing has worked until I tried the subliminal videos – finally something that does what it claims to do! Thankyou.
Constance D.

Hi Nelson,
> I bought the Happy Times subliminal. WOW! That one made an impact.
> Bigger than Goodtimes, although I could tell a difference with it as well.
> Thank you :)
> What are the three bonus videos on this offer? Having purchased the
> previous ones I mentioned, what would you recommend I look at next with
> the knowing that I am most interested in making money and looking my best.
> I need to lose about 20 lbs. I’m also in college and it would be great if
> I could make “A”s without having to put in so much effort. I’m doing it,
> but it’s really time consuming. I have trouble focusing and lots of
> resistance towards it.
> Thanks Nelson. I have tried tons of self-improvement products and this is the really is AMAZING!
> – Terissa A.


This has made me feel very peaceful and relaxed. I also feel confident about my money situation and feel that this is making a difference. I find this very addictive and i use it as much as i can during the day.
– Shaan U.


I’ve been a self-improvement addict for years, I’ve tried it all, home study programs, seminars with the ‘experts’, you name it, I tried it. In the past several years I’ve been working mostly with hypnosis cd’s which helped some but not enough. Subliminal video messages are AWESOME! When I first played the intro, something changed in me, since then old negative thinking and limiting beliefs are just fading away like magic! I’m becoming a new person and I like it! I’m now working with Happy Times (my favorite) and Achieve Your Social Potential. People are just drawn to me, I turn around a pretty lady is looking at me, wanting to be near me smiling-COOL! I love going to the gym even at 5:30 am before work! Everything is changing for the better inside and out. Pretty great for a guy whose almost 58! It’s never too late to recreate a new life and these are the express lane for that! I’m grateful.

– Darryl H.


I downloaded the 5k A Day video on Thanksgiving day – watched it for 20 min, then noticed that I felt different – elevated in mood and I couldn’t stop thinking about $5,000 a day – it literally possessed me.

I had an ‘interesting to me’ reaction tho. I lost my reading glasses – still haven’t found them a day later – and I drove to Thanksgiving dinner twice – had the driving instructions in my purse then took them out to call my hostess, and apparently didn’t replace back to my purse so got 6 miles away from my home, had to go back get the instructions and start again.

So, that was the signal, I’m definitely on a new track. I’m excited about the possibilities.
Patricia W.


It is blowing my mind how powerful and effective your program is.

Yesterday (my 2nd week) I had to tell myself to “Slow down!” and “Back off!”.

I am not a novice at this.

I began autohypnosis in 1962.

By 1969 I was manifesting things with zero physical effort (other than going into trance for hours), and literally believed it to be magic.

In 1978 I created and taught what I called “Mental Programming”.

So, I can recognize that what you have here is powerfully effective material. 
– James S.


I have only been with your company and used your video’s for 1 week and I am already noticing differences in my life.

I am happy to have taken the step to get and watch every day each one of the videos for the 5 min. interval. I am surprised how fast I have noticed changes within me, recognizing that the changes are good for my life to improve everyday.



It is blowing my mind how powerful and effective your program is.

Yesterday (my 2nd week) I had to tell myself to “Slow down!” and “Back off!”.

I am not a novice at this.

I began autohypnosis in 1962.

By 1969 I was manifesting things with zero physical effort (other than going into trance for hours), and literally believed it to be magic.

In 1978 I created and taught what I called “Mental Programming”.

So, I can recognize that what you have here is powerfully effective material.


Wonderful technique…
Scott P.


First, I did as You said.
I have just started my daily exercise, first of all, I feel better. I saw my brother after many years.
My second goal is money for new computer and money for your SubliminalVideo.
– Vesna L.


I’ve only been using this manifestation exercise for 3 days now.
So I haven’t noticed dramatic changes yet.

My desire was centered around women and realtionships. Sorry but too early to tell.


I have noticed significant changes in my life from using the subliminal videos. I landed a spot in one of the top agencies in Toronto for film and television. I am definitely better off financially, and I’m working towards building on that. I’m much better at saving and managing my expenses.

I’ve become a pretty cocky guy. I work in a restaurant with a lot of tough personalities and you have to be very strong. I’m much more fearless in telling people off when I know they’re in the wrong – I don’t let people get away with disrespecting me.

I’m much more relaxed and at ease around people I want to be friends with at work and in general.

I’m a very intense person.

This program multiplied that by about 10. Even the way I walk down the street chnaged. I walk with incredible confidence and conviction.

Overall I’m thrilled by the unusual power of this technology. I was far more excited about this then other self-development tools because I really believe in the power of hypnosis and it happens automatically – and isn’t based on the willful effort of some outdated exercises one would dtypically find in a book.

I’m truly grateful for what this product has done for me in a span of merely 2 months, so thank you Nelson and all those at Subliminal Video Messages.

The one area of my life that still needs work is women and realtionships. I can attract great opportunties but I don’t always seize the moment the way I should – so to speak.

How do you suggest I make the best use of the video series so I can really change this part of my life the way I want to – right now this area of my life means more to me to change than any other area.

Thank you so much for your time and consideration.

Best Always,

– Darcy R


This product really works I noticed a change in my mental focus and my personal determination immediately. I only wished that I had high speed internet because I know that I would of been viewing this more.
– Rey C.


$200 per day.
– Tenorio H.


– Trick C.


It is grait pleasure for me to get new information about your wanderfool activity.
– David A.


I really enjoyed the email that you sent – and I not only have been doing it myself but sent it on to a (sceptical) friend of mine who was going through a series of very difficult circumstances. I’ve nearly achieved my goal and found the task much less arduous than it had previously been. My friend’s circumstances are also much more positive, even although she didn’t really believe in the process and I think she just did it to humour me.
– Cazza H.


I have understood for a long time that the unconscious mind has the power to make things happen in life without the conscious mind always understanding. The problem has always been how to access it and program it to achieve the results that I wanted. Through watching a simple video everyday I have been able to access my unconscious and am experiencing significant success in all areas of my life, including financial. This is one of the few products of this type that I use and can honestly endorse.
– Scott C.


manifested perfect love.
– Danny S.


Manifest Perfect Love
$ 200 per day free
I am just about managing to meet my ends on daily basis and can’t spend money on your ads, however your ads are very inspiring and I love to read them. –
Ameet D.


$200 per day for free.
– George B.


I am feeling much more confident and assured of my goals.”Feeling” in the now is very real and not futuristic.I know that things are developing around me and it’s almost that I have developed a sixth sense.
– Art T.


I just can not say enough about the results I have obtained.
– Jerry G.


I Purched the $5000.00 Per Day Video Subliminal over the weekend . On Monday my first day back at work, I noticed an immediate improvement, I closed Sales more immediately. I need to Order the entire series for an expected and needed impact.
– Rich W.


I want to to express my gratitude for the videos i bought from you. I have only used them for about a week but i can already see parts of me i thought i would never see again beginning to come back. The biggest change that i have seen this far is in my social abilities. Before using these videos i would feel anxious to meet new people as i would be far to much concerned about how they viewed me or not to say something wrong, this would sometimes result in those akward silences. Now however i feel much more inspired to talk, i speak more freely and eagerly and also more from my heart about things that matter, not trying to be so polite all the time.
– Jonas J.


I go back with Nelson a long way, and am still shocked at times by the amazing power and effectiveness of the subliminals he creates. Each one seems to annhilate previous beliefs and thoughts about things and replaces them with ultimate, powerful, gentle but amazing positive changes in the direction you wish your life to go. You almost decide what you want, listen to the subliminals and it takes you there!
Truly thanks Nelson. – Terry W.


Nelson’s “Subliminal Video Messages” is one of the BEST products
that I ever promoted. If you have a self-improvement list of any
size, I highly recommmend you to endorse this product to your list.
You will easily earn some quick and BIG commmission.

Look at the statistics I got: I started promoting SVM on 7th July,
within one week, I had 90 sales with $8,174.99 in commmission. I
then added the email copies to my autoresponder, this allows me
to promote to my new subscribers automatically. Before the month
ends, I had 165 sales with $14,985.64 in commission.

I am still continually promoting SVM, and sales are comming in every
day. The salesletter converts incredibly well, I am making $1.81
commission for each click I sent to the site.

– Song Chengxiang


Thank you so much for all the great work that you do in creating such
awesome products. My confidence has increased and I am doing the great work that I am
supposed to do – Fatima O Khamissa


Hello Nelson,

I first want to say Thank You for all the wonderful video and mp3′s
that I have listened to for a while now. They are both refreshing and
soothing to the mind and the soul. I listen to them everyday and have
found a big change in the way I do things. I feel so much better and
alive. Please keep them coming as I really enjoy them.

Jay Rossi


Thanks for the videos and info! They are helpful as well as
enlightening. Please keep them coming, you are doing a great service!
Clinton S.Thanks Nelson for all of the great work that
you do. I purchased the Intelligent Warrior Subliminal program, and have
been watching and listening to it for a couple of weeks now. I can tell
that I am more confidant in myself and my actions & inter-actions with
people now. I will continue to invest in your programs and I look
forward in anticipation to all that you create in the future. Richard R.
Thanks Nelson for all of the great work that you do. I purchased the
Intelligent Warrior Subliminal program, and have been watching and
listening to it for a couple of weeks now. I can tell that I am more
confidant in myself and my actions & inter-actions with people now. I
will continue to invest in your programs and I look forward in
anticipation to all that you create in the future. – Sara P.


Thank you
for the extremely inspiring subliminal videos. Every time I watch them I
feel a warm glow and good about everything.
Thanks again



I have been watching these videos for about a week now
and I have not really thought anything about them until today when I was
asked my opinion so I thought about it. Over the last two days I been
sleeping much better for longer and I feel refreshed when I wake up and
don’t feel so tired during the day. The holiday stress has left me and
my blood pressure has dropped. I am more focused when I am working and
things seem to be less stress full. Most days I don’t have time to do
anything but keep working and doing homework from college. Things just
seem to be much smoother now and less stressful. I hope to see better
results in my online and offline business as I continue to watch the
Try these free videos and see if you can feel the changes as I did. Have
Fun – John V.


In early 2008 I purchased Nelson’s intelligent warrior and warrior
warmups series. I watched the videos on/off instead of daily as
prescribed. Didn’t see any results and labelled it a scam and sought a

In dec 2008, while looking for other job opportunities ( I’m a health
professional but one who’s just bored of my job) I stumble into a
marketing seminar. Somehow or another I end up being personally mentored
by one of the world’s top copywriters, Millionaire Mike Morgan.

And still I was blind to the blessings I received and did not make
any posive chnages in my life. Then in early 2009 began to happen.

My income from my day job went from 4500 dollars a month to 10 k a
month. I began speaking to people better and I became genuinely happy.

It took me weeks of soul searching to find out what I had done
differently. and undeniably, as I listed all the positve changes in my
life I hit an epiphany. The words tt I used to describe the changes were
the exact same affirmations in the intelligent warrior videos! I tried
contacting Nelson to thank him but couldn’t get a response. I felt I
owed him an apology.

So I did the best thing i could, I resubscribed to his mailing list.
and was I glad I did. I purchased pleasurable profits 2 . watched 3
videos diligently for only a week and gave up… Again. And then the
madness began.

I starting feeling very comfortable in my own skin. Very very
comfortable. My relationships with my clients and family and friends

In a nutshell, I was grateful to be alive!! To spend more time with
loved ones I cut my work hours by 20%. I was more than willing to take
the paycut but guess what? I didn’t… You want numbers?

My income went from 10k a month to 20k a month. but that was only the
first month… My daily takings rose from 500 dollars aday to 1k day to 2
k a day to a regular 5 k a day… But wait yest I hit an all time high. 10
k a day!!!

Can u believe it?! and that’s not all, I started getting copywriting
projects at 4-5k each and I’m booked up to march next year!

So Nelson, I owe you a big thank you. I would love to be able to make
personal contact via email.

To everyone else…. get the videos, stop making excuses. Get them ,
force yourself to watching them daily and just watch as the miracles



This video is absolutely breathtaking, and the music is so calming
and sensual! I LOVE IT!!! It takes you to a higher level of
consciousness!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

Peace, Blessings, & Love,


Ah this is great eye and ear candy…JUST sweeeet. – Rave T


Great videos ..Love to watch Chrie B.


Love the vid. Beautiful pictures and lovely music to accompany.
Watching subliminal vids like this one is a pleasure. Gives me hope that
things can get better and makes me picture myself receiving all the
great things shown on the vid. Thanks for giving this to me to watch. Blessings,


I love all your videos and sharing and motivations…inspires me in a very
unique way..Thank you very much Nelson Berry.. – Vani R.


An unexpected incredible experience.
Thank you. I will certainly keep watching.


Very beautiful, wonderful photos make me want to jump right inside them,
right on! This one is a keeper! – Kathleen B.


Absolutely LOVE this video!! Thanks so much Nelson. Are there direct
links to purchase your videos? I seem to get redirected to links asking
for my email address again. – Nan P.


Another absolutely BRILLIANT video.You have made the cutting in and out
of the photographs very interesting and actually exciting to watch,with
what seems like thousands of affirmations raining down from the
screen.Upon the first viewing I immediately felt very centred and sweet
inside.Again thank you so much for your amazing creation(s).Please keep
up the great work you do!!

Barry H.


just wanted to thank you for all these special gifts – so nice of you. I
love ‘em! – Chranne T.


I enjoyed the video Strong Woman can you download it I have other videos from you

Maz T.


Can these “freebies” be downloaded? I would like to show them to the
students in my hypnotherapy group to give them the feel & concept. Not
many will watch in their “own” time, so I would like to do it “in
class”. – Alan


Here is one that was left on my blog:

From Dr. Mirza Wzir Baig

subliminal messsages are one of the most wide spread myths. Just a
little research on google will tell you that. The January 1991 issue of
the University of California, Berkeley, wellness letter noted double
blind tests have shown subliminal messages to fail. Thomas E. Moore even
concluded that sublinal messages are useless since they are below the
perception threshold.

Here was my response:

Dr. Mirza Wazir Baig –

That is absolutely Ludicrous! The scientific community can prove or
disprove anything they want to based on how the tests were run.

Bottom line: Subliminal messages cannot make you do something you
don’t already want to do, but if you want it, it helps give a push in
that direction!!

Here is a little more recent research:

Here is some older research studies:

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  • I’ve got a stack of testimonials about our subliminal messages and
    subliminal video messages and it’s benefits that reaches the ceiling.

    Science vs. Spirituality are always at war. The trick is to find
    something that works FOR YOU regardless of what other people say.

    Take the cases of people who cured what doctors called “incurable
    cancer” by alternative means. The list is huge AND Proven!

    I suggest you point your ”radar” at why things work vs. why things
    won’t work.

    With Respect,


    THIS VIDEO IS BEAUTIFUL!!!! :-) Adrienne


    hey that comment from the dr. wazir baig or what ever…P H D stands for
    piled high and deep. and the reply from you was outstanding nelson, just
    keep givi’n it to ’em. by the way you videos are so cool!!! – Jean S.


    Thank you for this beautiful video.
    Also, I would like to know how can I get in contact with you?
    Can you please give me your direct e-mail address?
    Looking forward to hear from you.
    Thank you in advance,

    Maria L.

    ****You can contact me through our support desk at or you can email me at****


    Gotta say….another winner, Nelson! Thanks for making this so readily
    available. Karen K.


    I could feel a shift and change in the first veiwing – it is
    extremely powerful.
    Perfectly timed. Thank you – I appreciate it very much.
    Kind regards, Gaylene P

    This is a beautiful video. I so appreciate your time in sending it to

    I know that subliminal messages do work i have used them for years to
    help me to over come anything i put my mind to.

    Thanks again,


    That ”shift” in paradigm is what we are after. Once that happens…
    BAM… your desires just start falling into your lap.