Natural Treatments to Anxiety Disorder

Natural Treatments to Anxiety Disorder

You’re driving your car when you suddenly started feeling dizzy or nauseated. Your hands began becoming sweaty or clammy, and you developed that bad taste in your mouth. Worse, you found it hard to breathe.

You rushed yourself to the ER only to be told by the doctor you’re suffering from anxiety disorder. He then prescribed you a long list of expensive medications.

Good news: the drugs certainly worked. Bad news: after a few months, you felt they’re not working, so you asked the doctor to increase the dosage.

Do you have an idea of what’s happening? You’re beginning to depend too much on medications. If this is not resolved immediately, it may spell tragedy for you.

Before you rely on medications, you may want to practice the natural treatments for anxiety disorder:

1. Breathe in, breathe out. A good help for anxiety is to actually perform proper breathing. This means inhaling slowly and letting go of air rapidly. Feel your diaphragm go up and picture the air filling up your lungs to full capacity before you exhale.

Correct breathing can help reduce or even get rid of the common signs of anxiety, such as rapid heartbeat, irrationality, and panic.

2. Drink tea. One of the effective ways of curing anxiety is sipping tea. Tea is filled with antioxidants that can boost your immune system. Most of all, it’s a whole lot better than caffeine. Though tea still contains caffeine, it’s only in a very minute amount. It’s keeps you alert without making you feel agitated.

3. Determine the causes for your anxiety. Why do you feel anxious? Can you point out some triggers? An immediate defense against anxiety disorder is to avoid those that can trigger it, such as stress or relationship issues. Perhaps you’re afraid of being in front of people or talking to them. Knowing what causes your anxiety makes it so much easier to treat it.

4. Talk to someone. Do you know that your family and friends can also help you treat anxiety? This mental illness requires full support from your loved ones. When you feel panicky, someone can be there for you, offering comfort.

5. Use subliminal messages. A natural remedy for anxiety is affirmations. Also known as subliminal messages, these are positive statements that can alter your present mind state.

For example if you’re anxiety starts to kick in, you can speak of subliminal messages like

I can overcome and overpower my fear.

I am not defined by my worry.

I am bringing myself to the present.

Continuously repeating these affirmations will slowly change how your mind thinks. You will be more receptive to things that are positive.

6. Find a quiet place. Another method of overcoming anxiety is searching for peace. A lot of times the noise of the world can bring confusion and disorder.

Your quiet place doesn’t have to be far. You can even stay in your own bedroom. It also doesn’t have to last long. The most important thing is you can keep yourself calm for a period.

You do have the power to stop anxiety. Start claiming it today.