Moving Away? Cope with the Separation through Subliminal Messages

Moving Away? Cope with the Separation through Subliminal Messages

Do you know that there are actually people who suffer from separation anxiety? Any kind of separation will always be painful, especially if parties have already established close relationships with one another. Parting always brings about a period of worry and uncertainty. Will I be able to make it on my own? Will I be accepted by the people around me? Will we still remain close after I’ve moved? It becomes a lot harder for couples and families. Will the relationship survive even if long distance?

When you move away, you are also separating yourself from your comfort zone, a part of your life that you feel the happiest and safest. Thus, people develop separation anxiety. Sometimes it lasts for days or weeks. Others have to cope with it for months and years. It becomes dangerous when it leads to anxiety attacks and depression.

Just in case you need to move or somebody you love has to do so, you may want to make use of the subliminal messages. These types of messages come in different packages. Some are in words while the others are in sounds or pictures. Simply put, subliminal messages penetrate through the subconscious, and since this is the part of your mind you have no control, you cannot remove them but can be tapped whenever you need them.

Subliminal messages are extremely powerful since they can help change your present mind-set. You can turn something negative into something positive. If you want to know how it works, here’s a good example.

Let’s pretend that you’re moving away for work and from your family. You are doing this for the first time. You’re used to having everything given to you. You feel protected around them. Now you aren’t sure if you’re going to get the same things.

You can then use subliminal messages. You can repeat the following phrases:

I can live on my own.
I know that separation is only temporary.
My moving away doesn’t affect my relationship with them.
I know that this separation will further strengthen the relationship.
I am likeable, and I can easily make some friends.

Now imagine yourself saying these things. Moreover, think of the words as messages you’re sending to yourself. What do you feel? Doesn’t it feel like you’re somehow motivated and empowered? Doesn’t it feel like there’s really nothing to be afraid of from the separation? This is how the subliminal messages generally work. The more you press the messages into your mind, the more your thought patterns change.

How to Make Them Work

You can come up with your own subliminal messages, or you can rely on their downloadable versions. Some are also stored in CDs, and you just need to play them. You can recite or listen to the subliminal messages anytime you like, though they are more easily absorbed before you go to sleep or as soon as you wake up. You can stand in front of the mirror or perhaps incorporate the subliminal messages while you’re meditating or visualizing.

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