Men and Depression: How You Can Cope with the Disorder

Men and Depression: How You Can Cope with the Disorder

True, depression usually happens among women. But that doesn’t mean men are completely immune to it. Based on new studies, there are over 6 million men in the United States alone who are diagnosed with the medical condition every year, and a number of them die because of medication overdose or suicide.

Men and Depression: How You Can Cope with the Disorder

Men and Depression: How You Can Cope with the Disorder

What Happened?

For several years depression was called the women’s disease, and men thought they were invincible. Sad to say, they aren’t. The myth, though, has been carried over until today, so a lot remain untreated or undiagnosed.

The causes of depression in men are different than those of women. Women can suffer depression because of hormone fluctuations. Men, on the other hand, become depressed because of cultural and personal perceptions.

Men grow up with the belief that they are the more superior gender. They are strong and capable of almost anything. They are the protectors of women and the head of the family. It is expected that they handle pressure very well. Of course, that isn’t exactly true, as anyone can give in and give up because of too much stress.

But men often find themselves settling issues and pressure all on their own. They rarely talk about their personal problems, and even if depression symptoms are already obvious, they will still deny they are suffering from it. Moreover, they are less likely open to treatments and medications.

Men are also highly competitive, putting a lot of pressure and stress onto themselves. They find it much harder to accept defeat and failure.

How Do You Know You’re Depressed?

You’re probably depressed if you experience the following:

  • Empty or sad mood
  • Anxiety
  • Panic attack
  • Feeling of pessimism, guilt, and helplessness
  • Feeling of vulnerability
  • Lethargy or lack of energy
  • Difficulty in concentration
  • Change in sleeping and eating habits
  • Morbid thoughts including suicide
  • Lack of usual activities and personal interests
  • Digestion problems
  • Body aches

Usually you can call your condition depression if any or all of these symptoms happen for a lengthy period. To be properly diagnosed, see a doctor.

Fighting Depression

Men are born warriors, so they definitely have the mechanism to overcome depression only if they allow themselves to be treated.

One of the usual methods of treating depression is through medications like anti-depressants. They are effective in controlling the symptoms associated with the mental disorder. Nevertheless, they carry certain side effects. For example, SSRIs can affect sexual performance and libido among men. That in itself may lead to further depression.

There are also depression treatment centers where sufferers can stay for a while. Therapists and doctors will provide the necessary treatments and keep track of their progress. They can also join depression support groups usually facilitated by a recognized depression counselor or expert.

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