Make Your Life Meaningful in Very Simple Ways With Subliminal Messages

Make Your Life Meaningful in Very Simple Ways With Subliminal Messages

A life without meaning is not a fulfilling one. You are merely here to survive but not really to exist. Now a lot of people believe that you have to do something extremely grand like come up with a foundation or meditate in Tibetan monasteries before you can find meaning. In truth, you don’t have to. Even the simplest things you can do in your daily life can already add meaning.

Make Your Life Meaningful in Very Simple Ways With Subliminal Messages

Make Your Life Meaningful in Very Simple Ways With Subliminal Messages

Teach a child. Try to spend at least a few hours with your kids and teach them about something. It doesn’t have to be related to their homework. You can talk about your childhood, your thoughts about the future, about the animals in the park, your lineage—anything. Any good lesson you impart to your children is long-lasting, and it helps them become better and learned students of life.


Set up family dinners. Families who spend at least 30 minutes in the dinner table are less likely to experience conflicts. Parents hardly divorce, and children easily develop trust and respect toward their parents. Family dinners allow you to communicate with each other personally over comfort food and well-deserved beverages. You can catch up on one another’s lives by the end of the day.


Pursue a passion. You could be a doctor, but you have a penchant for music. You’re a mom, but you dream of putting up your own restaurant. Pursuing the things that really interest you provide your life inspiration and direction. You discover that there’s more to the role you’re used to every day. These hobbies and interests can help make you feel whole.


Spend quiet time alone. You do can find meaning and purpose all by yourself, in the moment of quietness or stillness. When you’re alone, you can reflect upon your life. You can be grateful for the things you’ve achieved or have been blessed with. Meditation, for instance, can declutter your mind so you learn to focus on the things that give significance to your being.


While you’re spending time alone, you can listen to subliminal messages or affirmations. You can download their mp3 versions, so you can save and listen to them in your mp3 player or iPod. You can also purchase their CD format.
What do these subliminal messages do? They help give you a proper mind-set. Sometimes you veer away from the main purpose of your life. Sometimes you take life for granted. Sometimes you exist but are invisible. The affirmations can help change or get rid of them.


To give you some ideas of these subliminal messages, read the following:


I am the captain of my ship.

I steer my ship to the best direction.

Along the way there will be huge tides and violent storms, but I won’t falter.

I am moving to the direction that satisfies my calling.


Continue learning. Don’t stop just because you already have a degree. Besides, learning isn’t just constrained in the four-walled classroom. Consider the world as a gigantic ball of library, filled with plenty of information that enthralls life.


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