Losing Weight With the Help of Self-Hypnosis

Is it really possible to lose some weight with the use of self-hypnosis? Latest testimonials show that it actually can. The truth is no one can really blame you if you think this is a lie. However, as you go through the rest of the article, you will probably understand how it works and be finally convinced that it’s worth a try.

Self-hypnosis and Subliminal Messages

By now, you already have an idea about self-hypnosis. You have seen how magicians would put their “victims” in a trance through the use of powerful words. Well, self-hypnosis basically works the same way. The only difference-and it’s something you definitely have to know-there’s no such thing as brainwashing. You are going to use hypnosis to change your mind-set over your issue, in this case weight problem.

How are you going to do it? You can achieve it through subliminal messages. Subliminal messages have been the subject of study for so many years. They have also been around since the nineteenth century.

The messages can come to you in different ways. You have sounds, images, and words. These types of messages don’t pass through your conscious mind, which processes information through logic or reason. Instead, subliminal messages directly proceed to your subconscious mind, which you have no full control of. Because of this, the messages are not filtered and are easily accepted by your mind.

In the case of losing weight, subliminal messages are usually in the form of quotes called affirmations. These are positive statements that are meant to uplift and empower you to rise above the challenge. Some of these statements may include the following:

  • I can get rid of my weight.
  • I see myself as someone confident.
  • I can beat obesity.
  • I am meant to be healthy.
  • I am a flexible person.
  • I want to be happy by having good weight.

These sentences will have to be repeated a lot of times to make sure they can definitely go through your unconscious mind, and you can remember them without even thinking. Moreover, the moment your mind recognizes these messages, your brain activity will change. You will notice how your body tends to act out these beliefs. You will feel less hungry, you will become choosier with the food you eat, you have more energy and vitality to engage in several strenuous activities such as exercise, and you will feel less depressed and anxious about your struggles.Tips in Doing Hypnosis

You can already purchase mp3s and CDs where you can obtain your subliminal messages. The tracks will usually contain very soothing instrumental music with repeated phrases. You simply have to listen to them.

However, you will not be too successful with self-hypnosis if you don’t follow certain tips. For one, you need to do it in a consistent basis so the subconscious mind can fully pick the subliminal messages. Moreover, it’s highly essential you do hypnosis without distractions, both external and internal. Hence, before you engage in a session, you should situate yourself in a calm and peaceful environment and clear your mind from unnecessary thoughts.

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