Living a Fulfilling Life as a Widow

Living a Fulfilling Life as a Widow

Being a widow can be pretty scary, especially if you have children. Who’s going to be there for you? How do you raise kids all on your own? Would you be able to live a good life now that your partner is gone?

Living a Fulfilling Life as a Widow

Living a Fulfilling Life as a Widow

Being a widow, however, doesn’t mean the end of the world. You can still live a life that’s full of love, support, and care. In fact, a lot of widows continue to live all by themselves, never remarrying at all.


How do others do it? Here are some ideas:
1. Don’t focus on the past.

You cannot do anything with the past except perhaps learn from it or never forget the memories of your beloved. Instead, you focus your attention to the present and to the future. Plan on something great, something you can definitely look forward to and get you excited. Are you hoping to retire in a cabin by the lake? Would you like to see the world before you hit forty?


2. Spend more time with your loved ones.


There’s no doubt that losing a beloved can be extremely painful. Nevertheless, you still have plenty of people who love you and are waiting for you to love them back. Why don’t you spend more time with them? Perhaps it’s time to get to know the activities of your kids and discover how you can participate. Go out with your friends, those you haven’t seen for such a long time now.


3. Pursue your interests.


Perhaps there are some activities or things you stop pursuing when you got married. So you don’ feel the loneliness a lot, it’s a good time to get back to them. If not, you can look for other activities, especially those that you haven’t tried before. You can enroll in dancing schools, take up a second course, practice cooking, or learn yoga.


4. Try to do things alone.


One of the things you would surely battle when you’re a widow is the feeling of being alone. You feel abandoned or rejected. You have no one to hold on to when you are having some issues or challenges. However, you have to learn how to deal with being on your own. It’s time to be more independent. You can begin by doing some things alone. It may be hard at first, but as long as you’re willing to rise above it, you’ll surely get used to it.


5. Think positive.


Never allow the negative thoughts to occupy your mind, or else, you’ll only feel miserable about yourself or the situation you’re in. Instead, entertain only positive thoughts. It would help you a great deal if you listen to subliminal messages. Every morning, listen to affirmations such as “I know I still have so much to live for,” “Life doesn’t end in death of a loved one,” or “I welcome new changes in my life.”


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