Letting Go of Anger in Less than an Hour

Letting Go of Anger in Less than an Hour

If you get angry, don’t immediately fret. There’s nothing wrong with you. In fact, it’s a normal reaction, and you shouldn’t repress it. You should worry, however, when your anger gets in the way with your relationships, you’re finding it hard to control, you get angry for no reason, and you become abusive.

Letting Go of Anger in Less than an Hour

Letting Go of Anger in Less than an Hour

There are many ways on how to control your anger, and you can even manage it in less than an hour:


1. Take slow deep breaths. When you’re angry, you actually feel an adrenaline rush. Your heart beats faster, you suddenly sweat a lot, and your mind is reeling. You need to manage the rush, and the way to do that is proper breathing.


When you feel like getting angry, take one slow deep breath. Make sure that air fully occupies the lungs, and you can feel your diaphragm rising. Then  breathe out with your mouth. Then repeat the process. By the time you’re on your fifth breath, you feel a lot calmer.


2. Count to 10. You’ve heard it countless times: when you’re angry, count to 10. And guess what, it actually works. Counting to 10 is like taking deep breaths. You give your body a chance to fully relax. Moreover, by simply counting, you are diverting your attention from your source of anger to what you’re doing.


3. Go out. Rather than hurt someone or yourself, you better get out of the house or anywhere, as long as you are far away from the cause of your anger. Besides, a change of scenery may do you good. However, here’s a precaution: Don’t drive. You cannot expect yourself to be in a rational state of mind when you’re angry. It increases your chances of meeting an accident.


4. Use subliminal messages. One of the best ways on how to deal with anger is by utilizing subliminal messages or affirmations. When you’re about to get angry, repeat the following lines:


I forgive the person who causes my pain.

I am letting go of this anger.

I know that too much anger isn’t good for me and my loved ones.

I take care of my relationships by anger control.


You can also put up affirmations all over your homes. They may be quotes that refer to anger management.


But You Have to Do More than That


The above tips are meant for short-term resolution to uncontrolled anger. What you should aspire is how to avoid doing it ever again. You therefore need a more solid long-term plan. The following may be helpful:


Seek professional help. It’s time to meet a counselor. Your counselor can help you get in touch to the root cause of your intense anger. He or she can also suggest the best techniques to deal with anger.


Join a support group. There are plenty of anger management support groups you can join. These organizations offer emotional and physical support to sufferers like you. You can also get a lot of points on anger management from people who share your experience.


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