Learn How to Control Your Impulse

Learn How to Control Your Impulse

Do you often find yourself justifying an action as “I can’t just help it”? Do you feel the compulsion to do something, and you cannot just stop the urge? It could be you’re having a huge issue with impulse.

Learn How to Control Your Impulse

Learn How to Control Your Impulse

You’ve done it before. You go into a mall and you see something you really like. Even if it’s not part of your plan, you still buy it with your credit card. One day you think about not going to work and just visit a friend who’s living hundreds of miles away from you. You do have moments of impulse.


But if the impulse is already getting out of hand, then there’s something wrong with you. You need immediate help so you can learn to control it. Begin with the following:


Get a better understanding about impulse. Why are you impulsive? There are actually plenty of explanations for your behavior. Some believe it’s genetics. If your mom is impulsive, then there’s a good chance you’ll be too. It may also have something to do with how your brain communicates. The left brain often determines the rules to follow. It is the center for information processing. Impulsive people have more active right brains. Thus, they do something first before they determine the consequences of their actions.


Seek medical help. Severe impulsive behaviors may already be a sign of a certain disorder. Some of the common types include kleptomania (impulse to steal), pyromania (impulse to set something on fire), and trichotillomania (impulse to pull hair).


Your health care provider can be such a huge help as he or she can give you the right kinds of medications you need. These may include SSRIs or serotonin reuptake inhibitors and antipsychotic drugs.


Don’t drink alcohol. Do you notice that you tend to be more aggressive and talkative when you’re drunk? It’s because alcohol shuts down your left brain. Drinking puts this part of the brain to sleep. Thus, with only your right brain in full activity, you feel less inhibited. You also lose your sense of judgment.


Practice meditation. Meditation helps you to be more in control of your impulses and other aggressive behaviors. By proper breathing, you’d feel more relaxed and less anxious, which is often a sign of impulse. You also become more aware of the present. Impulsive people are always worried about what’s going to happen if they don’t give in to their impulse.


You can also download for free or purchase subliminal messages mp3s or affirmation videos. They can be used to help you discover your strengths, which can help you achieve more effective impulse control.


These affirmations may speak about the following:


I am in control of my own thoughts, emotion, body, and spirit.

I have more power over my impulses.

I can go beyond this compulsion.


Both meditation and subliminal messages can also be helpful in getting to the main reason for your impulse. It’s possible you developed the habit as a way of dealing with trauma or frustration.





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