Keep Your Marriage Alive and Survive the Seven-year Itch

Keep Your Marriage Alive and Survive the Seven-year Itch

What’s the seven-year itch? No, we are not talking about Marilyn Monroe’s movie. It’s a term that refers to marital issues that are more prevalent when couples are already on their seventh year. This is the time when they know each other too well nothing excites them anymore. Worse, they have taken each other for granted. As a result they try to look for fun and adventure somewhere else—and sometimes with another person.

Keep Your Marriage Alive and Survive the Seven-year Itch

Keep Your Marriage Alive and Survive the Seven-year Itch

The seven-year itch can happen, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have enough capacity to reduce its likelihood. You may want to try the following tips:


1. Always be your own person. A lot of married individuals tend to lose themselves during the course of their marriage. They’re always thinking about what their partner wants. Losing your own identity is one of the greatest tragedies of marriage. If things don’t work out and your partner walks out on you, you have nothing left.


Marriage is definitely about union, but you should never be stopped to enjoy the things you want to do alone. The most important thing is the activity is engaging, fun, clean, and decent.


2. Keep the element of surprise. One of the secrets to a lasting marriage is surprise. You don’t want your partner to take you for granted or to know you too well. Otherwise, there’s no more spice in the relationship. But how do you exactly do it? Through simple things.


You may plan for a trip for two for no reason, buy a sexy lingerie, whet his appetite with aphrodisiacs such as chocolates and oysters, or do something erotic in the bedroom. Let your imagination run wild.


3. Don’t forget the husband. Wives tend to give most of their attention and energy to the children. By the time the husbands come home, they could no longer provide what he is expecting from their spouses. Make it a point to take care of your husband too and make sure that he notices it. Cook his favorite dish, buy him that cologne he always wanted, prepare things for him, and smother him with plenty of kisses and hugs.


4. Take care of yourself. One of the biggest reasons why husbands look for mistresses is they don’t find their spouses attractive anymore. Perhaps you develop the thinking that he married you, so he should accept you no matter how you look. You need to stay pretty and sexy not just for your partner but also for yourself. Feeling and looking good is such a huge booster of self-confidence.


Spare at least 15 minutes to exercise, watch your diet properly, take care of your skin, and fill your mind with positive thoughts. You can use subliminal messages or affirmations for that. These can also reduce your stress level, so signs of aging don’t show immediately.


5. Consider some alone time. Strive to have some alone time every day. It doesn’t have to be too long. You need this to keep the communication lines open and keep the ember of passion burning.



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