Just Cut It Out: Deal with Hypochondria Now

Just Cut It Out: Deal with Hypochondria Now

Do you find yourself constantly in emergency rooms? Do the words “cancer,” “diabetes,” and “heart disease” send shivers down your spine or make you too paralyze to move? Do you immediately feel anxious or even depressed if you get sick? Then you may be suffering from an anxiety disorder known as hypochondria.

Just Cut It Out: Deal with Hypochondria Now

Just Cut It Out: Deal with Hypochondria Now

Simply put, hypochondriasis is intense fear for health. You relate all the things you feel, even your own heartbeat, to a very serious illness. However, there’s no solid proof that you’re indeed very sick and that tests usually come out as normal or negative.


There are plenty of reasons why people suffer from hypochondria. Topping the list is the fear of death. There’s the anxiety that the illness may be serious, and you have not a lot of time to pursue the things you want to do, or perhaps the thought of death itself is very terrifying. It could also be caused by a traumatic event, such as when you witnessed a family member or a friend struggled so much because of a sickness like cancer. Because you know how difficult it is how to be seriously sick, you suddenly become hypervigilant when it comes to your health.


Like any other kind of anxiety disorder, this one is very damaging physically, mentally, emotionally, and socially. In fact, majority of the sufferers also develop depression and bipolar disorder.


How do you reduce or even eliminate hypochondriasis then? Here are some tips:


Learn to accept death as part of life. Death is one of the most natural processes of life. Everybody goes through it at some point. Once you accept this reality, then it becomes much easier for you to not think so much of any kind of illness. Instead, you put more value over quality of life. You want your days on Earth to really matter to you however short or long it’s going to be.


Talk with a doctor. Usually, sufferers focus their energies into one type of illness, such as cancer. If this is something you truly fear, you might want to talk to an expert such as a doctor. He or she can provide you with loads of information about the disease, how you acquire it, its symptoms and signs, and the treatments available. When you’re armed with knowledge, you become less fearful.


Don’t go to emergency rooms immediately. If you suddenly find yourself getting sick, don’t immediately rush to the emergency room or see your doctor, unless it’s absolutely serious (e.g., it’s accompanied by vomiting, nausea, intense body pain, or very high fever). Rather observe yourself for a period of at least 3 to 5 days. You can keep track of your symptoms in a notebook. If it’s a serious illness, symptoms should get worse, not get better.


Change the way you think. Use subliminal messages or the power of suggestion to change the way your mind works. It should learn to stop interpreting everything you’re going through as a sign or symptom of a grave disease. There are several subliminal messages mp3s available online. You can listen to them at all times, especially when you start to begin feeling anxious again.




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