How Weight Loss Equals Success and Vice Versa

How Weight Loss Equals Success and Vice Versa

Is there a connection between weight loss and success? According to subliminal science, there is. A person’s ability to lose weight and to overcome weight problems can help a person see more hope in life and success in general. One must be able to believe that he/she has control over his/her own body and can accomplish something as trivial as weight loss before one can believe in his/her greater abilities, such as attaining success.

How Weight Loss Equals Success and Vice Versa

In other words, success in weight loss works like a subliminal affirmation for the person seeking success in life. Since you get the affirmation that success is possible in weight loss, it is easier for you to believe that success, in general, is within reach.

And vice versa. If you succeed in your career, this also works as an affirmation that you are also capable of overcoming the challenges in your weight management.

This relationship between success and weight loss reminds us that people need specific affirmations, not just any affirmation, and that each person’s need is different.

This tells us that:

1. Affirmations should be reasonable.

Since a person was able to overcome weight problems, the affirmation of success is accepted by both his subconscious and his rational mind. The affirmation is reasonable and easier for a person to hold on to, because he has seen it happen in his own life. This is why weight loss success is a strong affirmation for the possibility of success.

2. Affirmations should be personalized.

A person who does not need to lose weight will not benefit from the affirmation brought by weight loss success. An affirmation must fit each individual. An affirmation has to target your belief system because you are the one who needs to believe it. And if you don’t believe it, you won’t welcome it into your life. Your doubt works like an automatic shield that dispels whatever it is you don’t believe.

So if you don’t believe in success, a wall automatically comes up around you to block success. Even if success is right there waiting, it’s either you won’t recognize it or you will be suspicious of the opportunity and pass it up.

But if you believe in success, any small detail, like losing weight successfully, will be used as further reinforcement of the belief that, yes, indeed, success is still possible.

3. Affirmations should be used as a motivation.

Effective subliminal affirmations work as added motivation to achieve the goal. It will encourage the mind, and once the mind is fueled by encouragement, it instructs the body what to do.

Subliminal messages can be used to promote success in both aspects. When it comes to weight loss, it is important to come up with the right affirmative words that will not be associated with eating or hunger. The mind is quite tricky and can easily pick up on these words. So even if you say “I will not eat”, the mind can easily cancel out the word “not.”

So you can stick with messages such as:

I will achieve my optimum weight.

I will reach my goals.

I have control over my habits.

Weight loss subliminal CDs can also help you benefit from messages hidden in music which you can listen to during your free time. Now you don’t have to starve yourself or tire yourself out to gain your ideal weight. You can find free subliminal weight loss MP3s online.

All in all, these can encourage you to overcome your weight and eating-related challenges. You can voice them out or even write them down as long as you focus on them all throughout the day. Constant repetition of these affirmations is key to achieving your goals.

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