How to Use Your Own Thoughts to Your Benefit

How to Use Your Own Thoughts to Your Benefit

Perhaps you’ve heard of the saying that goes, “Everything is just a state of mind.” Yet still plenty of people tend to associate feelings or emotions with their heart, perhaps because they will normally feel their heart in pain or contracting whenever they are sad or depressed.

The truth is the brain still remains the center of everything. It simply sends certain signals or chemicals to different parts of the body, which, in turn, transforms to the various emotions you’re going to feel on certain circumstances. Moreover, the brain is like a large storage bank. It taps on to many things to bring about the emotion it can associate with to the scenario. For example, if you have been bitten by a dog when you’re still young, there’s a huge chance you would feel intense fear whenever you see the animal. You may feel a lot of stage fright if you’ve been put to embarrassment before.

So if you’re feeling any negative emotion, there’s no other part of your body that you need to modify than your brain. But how do exactly do it?

You can actually use the power of the subliminal messages. What are subliminal messages? These are sounds, words, or images that your brain or mind picks up. The only difference is there’s a good chance you cannot take notice of it since it’s the subconscious mind that store them. The conscious mind performs a lot of filtering. That’s why there are some memories that you cannot remember anymore because you simply choose to forget them.

Nevertheless, there are certain messages that bypass the conscious mind and goes directly to the subconscious. Since the subconscious doesn’t have the logic and reason the conscious mind has, there’s no way you can get the subliminal messages out of your system. You simply have to tap them.

In dealing with certain issues, subliminal messages usually come in the form of affirmations. These are called positive statements. Consider it a mother telling her daughter to do her best in school because she’s a talented person. That’s how they work.

However, subliminal messages are repeated over and over that they can slowly but surely change your manner of thinking. If you are currently depressed and you don’t want to do with your life, hearing the statement “Tomorrow is another good day” allows you to look forward to something much better. You somehow anticipate the good things that will come your way, and may take every good thing that will happen as a positive sign for these great changes to come.

How to Use Subliminal Messages

As mentioned, subliminal messages have to be repeated a lot of times. This is because the subconscious mind is found at the deeper parts of the mind. To make sure you can definitely pick them up, you have to set aside a good time to speak or listen to these subliminal messages. You can also listen to them when you’re meditating or visualizing. At these processes, the mind is more open or receptive.

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