How to Use Subliminal Messages in Advertising

How to Use Subliminal Messages in Advertising

Have you ever find yourself in a situation where you can immediately associate a color or an object to something? Perhaps you think that it is something part of your distant memory. The truth is it could be, but there is a much bigger chance that what you have been tapping on is the different subliminal messages.
What are subliminal messages? These are called in other names, including subliminal stimuli. Defined loosely, they are referred to as hidden messages, simply because you are really not aware of them unless they go much deeper into your subconscious and they are tapped. They come in different forms, from sounds to words, which you tend to pick up every day. You do not immediately perceive them since they do not pass through your conscious mind, which is usually associated with logic and reason, which filters out images, words, and sounds.

When used correctly, subliminal messages can be very powerful. Because they are no longer subject to reason, they become almost second nature to you. They will become a part and parcel of your own belief system.

Subliminal Messages in Advertising

It has been a constant debate among experts today: can subliminal messages affect advertising or the purchasing power of people? Many answer no. They can be exposed to an image for a longest time, and yet it is seldom they relate it to any existing product.

Nevertheless, one should not learn to underestimate the power of the mind and this unique way of persuasion. Subliminal messages can still work and can help you when it comes to promoting your business.

Here are some of the techniques you may want to use:

Use colors.

A very good example for this will be Sprite, whose colors of green and white are striking. It is now common for people to associate white and green to the bottle. You can also do the same thing for your business. You can select colors, have your company name underneath, and post it in strategic places, in locations where your target market are. With prolonged exposure, it would be much easier for them to relate your company name and the color.

Include a logo.

A logo is also another way of imparting subliminal messages to your audience. Even if you no longer have the company name written anywhere, once they see the logo, they can immediately think about you. A case in point is Nike. The check mark has become such a popular trademark Nike does not even have to write their name anywhere their marketing material. It is also usual for many to mistake any type of check mark they see as a Nike logo.

Develop a catch phrase.

We can still use Nike here. Can you think about a phrase that is associated with the brand? Yes, it is “Just do it.” Three words, but they have such a huge impact they could not help but think about the shoes if they see or read the phrase somewhere, such as in magazines or newspapers.

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