How To Secretly Use Subliminals On Friends

How To Secretly Use Subliminals On Friends

Have you discovered the amazing power of subliminal messaging for yourself and found it really beneficial that you now want to use it on your friends. There are many benefits you can enjoy if you decide to apply this great mind power technique on your friends.

How To Secretly Use Subliminals On Friends

How To Secretly Use Subliminals On Friends

The Benefits of Subliminal Persuasion over Friends

1. Improve relationships. You can use it to make your relationships with other people deeper. Many people have used subliminal messaging to help erase negative factors that can affect the way they interact with other people. For example, you can use subliminals that aim to erase jealousy, doubt, and distrust from your system. This way, you are wired to develop longer and healthier relationships with others.

2. Attract new friends. You can also use these subconscious-focused techniques to improve your chances of attracting new friends. Making new friends is hard; you have to build trust and mutual respect from scratch. One good way of doing this is by improving your confidence and charisma so you don’t have to make much of an effort to create new friendships. This way, new friends won’t know what hit them when they see you; they will just naturally feel like they want to be friends with you for some reason.

3. Make you see eye to eye with your friends. If you have friends you usually don’t agree with, you can use the power of subliminal suggestions so that friend will also see things from your point of view. This way, you can avoid developing deep conflicts because of a disagreement. By making your friend’s mind more open to your suggestions and opinions, you can develop deeper respect and understanding with regards to your differences.

4. Persuade them to agree with you. Are you and your friends having difficulty deciding where to eat or where to go for vacation? Are you tired of always having your other friends decide the schedule and destination when you go out? Are you sick of the same food that your friends keep on ordering at the same restaurants they keep bringing you to?

If so, you definitely have reason to try applying subliminal persuasion on your friends. This way, you can persuade them to go to the vacation or restaurant of your choice, and they won’t even know that they bent to your will because the persuasion will happen in their subconscious.

Techniques on How to Use Subliminals on Friends

There are many techniques on how to secretly use subliminals on friends. The important thing is to be completely subtle about it. Here are the most important aspects you should pay attention to if you want to succeed in sending subliminal suggestions to your friends.

1. Choose the right words. It is a rule never to use words that have negative connotations or are in any way associated with negative ideas. Avoid using words such as quit, remove, or stop. Always stick with positive proactive words.

2. Always go towards trust. Before you can exercise control over your friends’ subconscious thought patterns, they have to let you in first. So whatever you do, always go towards building deeper trust. The deeper a person’s trust is, the easier and more effective will your use of subliminals be.

3. Hold a party. If you think that your circle of friends are suffering from damaged relationships because of these factors, you can organize a party and blast subliminal music designed to remove the negative emotions lurking inside your friends. This way, all of you will be free from these emotional burdens and make the environment a more conducive one for deeper friendships.

4. Give subliminal music CDs. You can also get subliminal CDs designed so that the readers hear their favorite songs but their subconscious also picks up subliminal messages from between the lines.

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