How to Release Anger without Hurting

How to Release Anger without Hurting

How to Release Anger without Hurting

Do you feel angry at all times, even for no reason? Though anger is a natural emotional process, sometimes it goes beyond from what’s considered normal. You develop the urge to hurt others or yourself verbally or physically.


There are ways on how to deal with anger without hurting. You can try these:

1. Create a journal.

Write your deepest thoughts and feelings in a journal. It can be a private blog or a notebook. Usually all you need to do is to release the pent-up feeling, regardless if there’s someone who’ll listen to you or not.


A journal is also helpful to keep track of your moods and angry episodes. You can identify its severity as well as its impact on you. Do you feel remorse or guilty afterward? Anger can also be a sign of depression or high level of anxiety. If you decide to see a therapist or a professional, you can provide him or her better insight of your struggle through your journal.


2. Take deep breaths.

Haven’t you noticed? When you’re angry, you feel like your blood boil. It’s because your heart pumps blood a lot harder, and blood circulates faster. You look flushed and red. That’s why one of your initial defenses against uncontrollable anger is taking slow deep breaths.


To practice proper breathing, stand or sit properly and inhale air slowly. You should imagine it filling your entire lungs then exhale through your mouth. Do this until you can feel yourself in a more relaxed or comfortable state.


3. Meditate.

Meditation is one of the most natural ways to deal with almost anything, including anger and its possible root cause. With meditation, you bring yourself to the present, where the troubles of the past don’t exist. It removes the clutter in your conscious mind and makes you feel more relaxed. Meditation is also good for the body as science proves it promotes a better immune system. When you keep yourself healthy and fit, you are less likely more prone to anger.

4. Use affirmations.

Always remember that though your past is a part of you, it doesn’t have to define you. You should also keep in mind that you are worth loving by the people around you. These types of subliminal messages or affirmations provide you with the inspiration to be better.


There are different types of subliminal messages downloads available, and you can choose their mp3 versions, so you can listen to them as many times as you can, especially on days when you are so irritable or moody. You can save them in your mp3 player or iPod. You can also watch subliminal messages videos. Since they are completely safe, they can be used together with other methods of anger management.

6. Discuss your situation with a professional.

Because you don’t understand what you’re going through, you become easily frustrated and hurt. And the more you feel pain, the more you actually feel angry at yourself. If you cannot contain it, you direct your angry feeling to others and hurt them in the process. So you can better understand, talk to a professional.

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