How to Prepare the Older Children with the Coming of the Baby

How to Prepare the Older Children with the Coming of the Baby

A baby is definitely a huge family blessing, but his or her arrival also means a lot of adjustments and stress. Everyone should be prepared, including the baby’s future sibling.

How to Prepare the Older Children with the Coming of the Baby

How to Prepare the Older Children with the Coming of the Baby

Sibling rivalry can happen very early, even before your baby is born. The eldest usually sees the coming of the sibling as a huge threat for love and attention. This is further aggravated if your eldest is close to you.

Preparing the sibling, therefore, should be performed before the baby arrives:

1. Share the news with your child first before with your friends. When you are pregnant, you tell your partner and the rest of the family—except the kid. It is not surprising your kid suffers from child depression. Early on, she already feels so alone and rejected.

Consider having an intimate dinner with your child to share him or her the good news. Doing so also gives you an opportunity to see his or her initial reaction. Will your kid be receptive or not?

2. Give him or her time to adjust. You do not want some truths to be shoved into you, do you? It is the same thing with the kids. A lot of them go through a state of shock and anxiety, especially if they hear a lot of bad stories about new babies. But that does not mean you should let your child go through the anxiety attacks all on their own. They do not have enough mechanism to deal with them.

Encourage your child to speak out. Let him or her know you are willing to listen to all his or her concerns and questions.

3. Involve your child every step of the way. So your kid does not get affected with depression in children, ensure that he or she is involved all throughout your pregnancy. Doing so will also get your child excited for the baby’s arrival.

Tag the kid along when you go to prenatal visits. Introduce him or her to your doctors and birth attendant. Read pregnancy books with your child. Allow her to sing, listen, and feel the baby’s kick.

4. Prepare the child for the possibilities. When the baby arrives, definitely a lot of your attention will be on the newborn. That is why the sibling should know what to expect the soonest time possible.

Find a good time to talk about these expectations. You both can chat about the baby before he or she goes to sleep. Tell him or her that you may not be able to give him or her plenty of attention, but that does not mean you do not love him or her. You can even encourage your child to help you out with regards to your baby’s needs.

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