How to Manage Religious Persecution

How to Manage Religious Persecution

Just when you think that people these days are more open and liberal than the forefathers, you realize that there are still misconceptions in society. For one, you are very susceptible to religious persecution.

How to Manage Religious Persecution

How to Manage Religious Persecution

Religious persecution is defined as the act of persecuting, judging, or condemning individuals based on their religious affiliations. There are several religions all over the world, each with its own set of beliefs and tenets. Because of the differences, it is not unusual for people to consider their own religion as superior than the others.


What should you do if you ever find yourself persecuted because of your beliefs? Here are some tips:


Avoid confrontation as much as possible. Those who condemn you are usually fanatics. This means no amount of explanation will change their minds and believe you. The best thing to do is to simply step back and avoid any kind of confrontation. If you are being provoked, you can say, “I would like us to practice our beliefs in peace.” Otherwise, just politely excuse yourself and walk away.


Be aware of any form of harassment. There are times when things would get quite physical. This is the best time to ask for authorities. You can call the police or any person in authority. If persecution is happening within your office, you need to let the management know about it. In case you do not know, you are covered by both the Constitution and the company’s handbook of rules. You are allowed to practice your own faith and not be discriminated because of your beliefs.


Practice your religion on your own. It is best if you worship at your own private space and time. This may also mean not putting up any religious symbol in your car or desk.


Do not condemn others. Sometimes when you are being aggrieved, you tend to fight back and do the same thing. That will only make matters worse. Always keep in mind that peace will never be achieved if you fight the same way they do. Do not speak against other people’s religion. Hopefully your silence will also inspire them to do the same.


Keep yourself strong and resolute. When you are under heavy fire because of your belief, it is easier for you to feel depressed, discouraged, and unwanted. You feel helpless. You should always be firm and strong in your faith.


Fill your mind with plenty of affirmations and subliminal messages such as “I am ready to forgive those who hurt me” or “I am not completely defined by my religion.” It would also help if you begin and end the day with them. If you don’t know how to create them, you can download subliminal messages mp3s or watch their videos.


Be with like-minded individuals. Get a lot of support from those who share the same faith as you. Spend more time with them. Don’t be afraid to share your experiences and struggles. They may be able to provide you with pieces of advice on how to cope with persecution more effectively.



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