How to Live a Long Life and Enjoy It

How to Live a Long Life and Enjoy It

Who doesn’t want to live as long as 80 years old? However, long life isn’t the only thing you want. You also hope that you get to enjoy it. This means you don’t deal with a lot of diseases, you have plenty of money to last your whole life, and you don’t feel like you missed out on a lot of things.

How to Live a Long Life and Enjoy It

How to Live a Long Life and Enjoy It

Living a long life to the fullest is tough, but it is achievable, especially if you’re armed with the following tips:


Prepare for it. As they say, toil while you’re young. While you still have the energy and you’re in good health, earn as much money as you can. Work hard and save. Learn how to invest. If you can, find yourself a good home in a safe and peaceful community. You don’t want to work double jobs when you’re already in your forties and fifties.


Mind your health. Health is actually the main secret of how to live long and enjoying it. As mentioned, you cannot take delight in old age when you’re also sickly. As early as now, you need to make some changes in the way you take care of yourself.


First you need to exercise. As you grow older, your metabolism slows down, making it harder for the body to burn excess calories. You also need to exercise to move the muscles and to maintain flexibility.


You also have to watch out for the food that you eat. For some reason, your body’s ability to reduce cholesterol and prevent heart attack and other debilitating diseases greatly reduces.


Start focusing on the spirit and the mind. As you age, you realize that there are a lot of things that money cannot buy. For example, it doesn’t offer you compassion, love, and support, which you can obtain from being around your friends and loved ones. It doesn’t fulfil the needs of the spirit, which has to be one with the universe. Most of all, it doesn’t guarantee peace and health of mind. Though there’s nothing wrong with acquiring wealth, you should also give plenty of attention to your mind and spirit.


Always use affirmations. What’s the purpose of affirmations or subliminal messages? One you want to lower the stress level, so you remain healthy and fit (stress can reduce your immunity). You can also use them when you want to remind yourself of the importance of living life to the full. Messages like “I only live once” or “This one life is something I should treasure” would compel you to make the most out of your time on Earth.


The subliminal messages or affirmations can be listened to when you’re doing visualizations or meditations. These two techniques are often practiced by those who want to live long lives. Visualization keeps them inspired and motivated by their dreams and goals. Meditations, on the other hand, give them inner peace and satisfied spirit.

The key to living a long life doesn’t lie on science. It lies on you. You are the secret to it.


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