How to Live a Life without Regrets

How to Live a Life without Regrets

If you want to be miserable, you only have to say one thing, “If only.” Indeed pining on regrets does not do any good to anyone. You only continue to miss a lot of opportunities, so regrets continue to pile up. You think constantly on the past you can never go back to and treasure bad memories.

How to Live a Life without Regrets

How to Live a Life without Regrets

Living a life filled with regrets is definitely awful, so you might want to do your best to avoid it as much as possible:


Grieve. When you lose someone you deeply love, you mourn. It is the same thing with regrets. You grieve over the bad decisions you made, the people you lost along the way, the time you can never regain, and the things you failed to have.


Nevertheless, you should be careful that you do not end up mourning for a very long time. Otherwise, you could already be suffering from depression or intense stress and anxiety.


Accept the reality. Though this is easier said than done, this still remains one of the most effective ways of getting rid of regrets. One, you need to accept that what is done is done. You may have hurt yourself and other people because of what happened. You decided on something without proper thinking. And once you learn to accept the truth, you become a lot ready to move on.


Forgive yourself. Everybody commits mistakes. You will gather a lot of faults and mistakes along the way. But that does not mean you should put a lot of pressure on yourself and blame yourself all the time. You need to learn to forgive yourself.


Know that you can still do something. You may never get back what you have lost, but you can still do a lot of thing to correct it, if not learn from it. You can still lose a lot of weight, reach out to a friend who has hurt you, mend your relationship with your siblings or parents, or pursue the dream you have always wanted to do so many years before. As long as you are still alive, there is always the chance to make up for what happened.


The Importance of Subliminal Messages


Subliminal messages or affirmations are instrumental to living a life without any regret. When you are regretful, your mind is basically filled with negative thoughts: “If only I did this, I should not be having this kind of life,” “I do not know if I can still correct it,” “I wasted my life over nothing,” or “I was too stupid to do it.” Nurture these, and you will only wallow in self-pity.


Affirmations do the complete opposite. They feed your mind with nothing but positive thoughts: “Hope is still with me,” “I have forgiven myself over what happened,” “The past no longer matters. What is important is what I do today.” If you speak of these, then surely you’ll feel empowered and motivated to let go of regret because you know that there are still a lot of pleasant things waiting for you.




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