How to Keep Your Children Positive in an Extremely Negative World

How to Keep Your Children Positive in an Extremely Negative World

As a parent, you simply wish to raise a good kid. But when you are faced with an extremely negative and violent environment, the desire may be a lot harder to achieve.

How to Keep Your Children Positive in an Extremely Negative World

How to Keep Your Children Positive in an Extremely Negative World

Indeed, raising a positive kid can be such a huge challenge. Nevertheless, it is something that you can accomplish, as long as you follow these tips:


1. Be positive. Majority of the children develop values based on what they see and experience. If you are a negative person, then it is not surprising to raise one that is also negative. If you want to have positive kids, then you also have to be a good parent. Show kindness whenever and wherever you can, especially if there are children around. Always respect other people, particularly your spouse, so your kids would also do the same thing toward you. Learn to fulfill your promises no matter how small they are, and never lie. This way, you can also teach your kids the virtue of honesty.


2. Limit their exposure to the media. A lot of the negative thoughts and feelings are brought about by the media: television, radio, and the Internet. To prevent them from getting too exposed to negativity, you might as well regulate their use to these types of communication technologies. Create parental controls so your children cannot access pornographic websites. Choose your TV programs well. Subscribe to channels that are considered to be more family friendly.


3. Teach them that there are still good people. You can never prevent your kids from hearing about murderers, robbers, and other kinds of criminals. Sooner or later, they will learn about global warming or climate change, as well as the deaths of several animals all over the world. Growing up, they will know about economic recession and other global issues.


However, you can still teach your kids that the world is not completely bad. For one there are plenty of positive people out there. You can do this by encouraging them to volunteer. In fact, you can volunteer yourself, so it is easier for your children to follow suit.


4. Fill the home with positive affirmations. Use subliminal messages or affirmations to boost your children’s confidence and make them more loving, compassionate, and productive individuals. Make it a point to remind your kids that “They can do a lot of things if they put their hearts into them” or that “Remember that your family is just here to support you.”


You can put up affirmations plaque especially inside your kids’ bedrooms, so they will be reminded on them at all times. Moreover, you can download subliminal messages mp3s and save them in their mp3 players and iPods. Persuade your children to listen to them when they do not feel good about themselves.


5. Love them as much as you can. Surround them with a lot of love and praises. Respect their own space and encourage interaction among family members, particularly during mealtimes. Keep the communication lines open and do not chastise your children for feeling bad about something.



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