How to Handle Infidelity in the Marriage

How to Handle Infidelity in the Marriage

Nothing screams betrayal than being cheated on. Infidelity remains to be one of the top reasons why marriages do not last forever. The presence of technologies such as the Internet and mobile phones makes it easier for husbands to create and maintain extra-marital affairs, while work can sometimes bring couples apart and make them closer to somebody else.

How to Handle Infidelity in the Marriage

How to Handle Infidelity in the Marriage

How do you exactly deal with infidelity?


1. Do not make decisions on your own. No effort to save the marriage will work if one of you no longer wants to stay in the relationship. The decision to stay or not should be unanimous. After all, to make the marriage work, it requires commitment from the both of you.


2. Get to the bottom of the reason for the infidelity. You have to know the reason why your husband cheated. Is it because you do not have time for him anymore? Is it because of his work? You have to know the deep-seated cause for philandering. Otherwise, there is a good chance that the solution you have is only temporary.


3. Stop the blame game. It is understandable to get hurt after feeling betrayed and blame yourself or your partner for the problems in your marriage. However, blaming does not really solve the problem. What is past is past. No amount of blame can ever change the fact that your husband has been unfaithful to you. In fact, it only makes matters worse.


4. Find time for yourself. When you know you have been cheated on, you initially feel hurt, angry, depressed, or anxious. Your mind is filled with a lot of questions, including “Why did it have to happen?” When you have a lot of things in your mind and in the middle of mixed emotions, you cannot come up with a very sound decision. It is best if you can stay away even for just a while.


Consider traveling, seeing your family members, or staying for the weekend in your friend’s home. Do it alone. Leave the kids to your partner or to a person you can really trust. Make sure that you do not allow yourself to be disturbed by your partner or someone who wants to influence you to a certain decision.


5. Bring back your confidence. “Am I ugly?” “Am I not enough for him?” These are just some of the common questions you would certainly ask yourself. Almost always women lose their self-confidence and self-respect in the process. In the end, if the marriage does not survive, it is them who suffer the most.


You do not have to be in that situation. You can make yourself whole again after the infidelity. If you need some boost of confidence, you may want to listen to a variety of affirmations or subliminal messages.


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