How to Enjoy Spring Cleaning

How to Enjoy Spring Cleaning

Springtime should be about sunshine, flower blooms, bees, green fields, gardens, and barbecue parties. Yet you are stuck doing one thing for days: cleaning. Though winter means the holidays, it also equates to a lot of snow, plenty of winter wardrobe to discard, and damaged house sections.

How to Enjoy Spring Cleaning

How to Enjoy Spring Cleaning

Cleaning is always a very daunting task for anyone, but the good news is you can actually make it more fun and engaging. Here are some things you can do when you are cleaning during spring:


1. Plan it properly. One of the best ways to avoid stressing yourself is to spread the work over a period of days. To accomplish that, you need to plan your spring cleaning routine. For example, on your first week, you may focus on your roof and plumbing. The following week you fix the fences and the garden. This also prevents you from doing haphazard work, which may potentially place your life at risk later.


2. Do it with some friends. How about coming up with a spring cleaning party? Invite your friends over and all together clean one another’s home. You can schedule one home per week or depends on how much time you need. At the end of the spring cleaning, you can set up a mini outdoor party with lots of food. Doing things together will not only speed up the cleaning process, but will also take your mind away from the stress. Of course, it is extremely fun. You will even look forward to it the next year.


3. Add colors around you. A wide array of colors, especially the bright ones, can bring in a lot of positivity. Shades such as yellow, orange, and green are happy colors. They remove the weariness and the melancholy sometimes brought by the silver-and-white combo that dominates during the winter season. When you see them, you will feel more relaxed and less stressed.


4. Maintain a positive attitude. It is not only your home that needs cleaning. Your well-being deserves one too. Spring often stands for new beginning. This means it is time to let go of some things that do not matter anymore.


Subliminal messages may be useful in getting rid of negative thoughts and memories. Perhaps while you are cleaning your home, you can have the affirmations played in the background. You can wear your mp3 player or iPod, or play an affirmation CD. You can also use subliminal messages when you are meditating.


5. Give away the things you do not need. Springtime also means out with the old and in with the new. But you need to give a lot of space for the new ones. Rather than throwing away the items no longer needed, you can just give them away to charity. In the process, you enrich your soul.


6. Reward yourself. You deserve an accolade when you have accomplished something huge, such as spring cleaning. There are many ways on how to reward yourself. You can choose pampering or perhaps upgrading of furniture and fixture.


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