How to Be Safe when You’re Traveling at Night

How to Be Safe when You’re Traveling at Night

Whether you like it not there will be times when you have to go out late at night. Perhaps you are going out with your friends for a nightcap or some cocktail drinks. But nighttime also offers a lot of danger if you aren’t careful. So you’ll stay safe and secure even if you’re out of your home at night, take note of these tips:

How to Be Safe when You're Traveling at Night

How to Be Safe when You're Traveling at Night

1. Let the people know where you’re going. You should do this even if you’re living alone. You can call up a friend or a family member such as your mom. You can also leave a message to your reliable neighbor. Leave your contact details, as well as names of people you’re planning to meet or the place you’re going. Also do let them know the reason for leaving and when to expect for your arrival. This way, if you don’t arrive at your specified time, they can start looking for you.


2. Keep your valuables at home. Avoid bringing jewelry pieces, wads of cash, and other very expensive things when you’re out for the night. Thieves have very keen eyesight. They can easily spot items that they think would be worth a lot to them.


3. Stay away from places that are dark. As much as possible don’t walk in places where there is not enough functioning lampposts around. You should also avoid those with very narrow alleyways and tight corners. There’s not enough room for you to run if someone tries to harm you.


4. Carry that pepper spray. Never depart from your pepper spray, especially if you’re going to places that you are not completely familiar with. Ensure that it’s so easy for you to find and reach for it when the going gets tough. Moreover, if you can find time, enroll yourself in self-defense classes. You want to give yourself a fighting chance against crooks in the society.


5. Don’t drive other people’s attention to you. When you’re out in public, make sure that you are not too loud. Dress accordingly and hopefully something not flashy. Don’t drive very expensive vehicles and choose the people whom you’re going to talk to. By maintaining a low-key profile in the public, you don’t catch the attention of the others who may have bad intentions toward you.


6. Report anything suspicious. If you feel that there are people who are following your or someone is making you feel uneasy, make that call. Report anything you see suspicious to the authorities.


7. Limit going out at night alone. It’s highly advisable that you don’t go out at night all by yourself. If you have friends with vehicles, you can consider carpooling. That saves you gasoline, and it makes you feel safe to be in the company of friends.


8. Keep that anxiety away. When you’re anxious, you can’t think straight. You cannot immediately determine on what to do if ever you find yourself in a tight spot. To lower the anxious feeling, you can use subliminal messages or affirmations that can change negative thoughts to positive ones.



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