How to be an Effective Teacher

How to be an Effective Teacher

There are good teachers, and there are effective teachers. Now what’s the difference between the two? The good teachers are those who are efficient in what they do. They report to school on time, remain faithful to their lessons, and produce students that truly excel.


The effective teachers, on the other hand, are good teachers—and more. They mold students to be productive citizens in their family, in their community, and in their country. Their teachings go beyond the four walls of a classroom and remain part of every student’s memory for the rest of his or her life.


Between the two, you should aspire to be an effective teacher. But how do you exactly do that? The following tips may be the help you need:


1. Make it your calling. Teaching is not only a profession; it’s a vocation. It requires total commitment at your end. You work not just because you’re getting paid or it’s because you’re asked to do. You go to school and teach because it’s your mission in life. Unless you’ll develop this kind of mentality, teaching is just an ordinary job you get to do for the next 25 years. You also don’t push yourself to give more to your students, so they learn not just about science and mathematics, but also about life.


2. Assist students in any way you can. Teachers are considered to be second parents. To be deserving of that, you need to act like a parent. This means you have to be there for your students whenever they need help. Assist them if they’re failing in some classes. Visit their homes once in a while to get to know more about your students and their families outside the classroom. Coordinate with other teachers and see how your “kids” are faring in other subjects.


3. Be a good example. If you’re finding it hard to control your students, it may be because you’re too loose yourself. If you want to instill discipline, then you also have to be disciplined. Keep in mind that these students are looking up to you. In fact, all their eyes are on you, trying to determine if you’re going to make some mistakes and use them against you.


You don’t want to give them the reason to be hard-to-control children by setting a good example. For instance, if you want them to be on time, then you should be early in school too. If you like them to do their homework, then make sure you make a thorough research of your topic before discussions.


4. Maintain a high level of enthusiasm. Yes, teaching can be very exhausting, but you should not allow that to be obvious to your kids. They may think you’re not really happy in teaching them, or they may start to believe they are not worthy being taught by effective teachers.


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