How Subliminal Messages Override Emotions with Logic

People who are down on their luck usually are usually using
something to manipulate their emotions in an unhealthy way.

Sex – Shopping – Food – Exercise – Drugs – Alcohol – Work

You could even throw in “Football on Television”.  While there
is nothing wrong with it, when it is taken to an extreme that
interferes with your productivity related to your goals, there
is a problem.

Some of us have a problem “Getting off the Couch” in Life.
This is where subliminal messages and subliminal messages
videos come in.

Quick story.

Since the summer after 6th grade, I’ve had a full time job or
have been in school. If I knew then what I know now, I would
have retired by the time I was 16. Topping this list would be
the use of subliminal messages, positive affirmations and vivid

THAT, my friend, is the killer!

THAT is what will bring your goals to you AND you to your goals
in the shortest amount of time with so much alchemy surrounding
it, you may feel like you are Harry Potter when it comes to

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With Respect,

Nelson Berry
Subliminal Video Messages