Get Rid of Anxiety Disorder with Visualization Techniques

Get Rid of Anxiety Disorder with Visualization Techniques

Defined loosely, anxiety disorder is an issue where you suffer from panic, depression, stress, and phobia for several reasons. You can get an attack if a certain situation reminds you of a horrible experience. Too much stress can also lead to the problem.
Regardless, you don’t want to put anxiety disorder aside. It may lead to further complications, such as chest pains, difficulty in breathing, social anxiety, and depression, which has already compelled around 15 percent of the diagnosed to commit suicide.

When you have anxiety disorder, you would normally run to psychiatrists and psychologists to help you out. They would normally provide you with medications that can calm you whenever you suffer from an attack. What you may not be aware of is you don’t have to be completely dependent on drugs and other conventional treatments. You can help yourself manage or even get rid of anxiety disorder through visualization techniques.

How to Do It

In visualization techniques you allow your subconscious to take the lead. It’s easier for you to combat the issue when it’s the unconscious working since this is the part of the mind you have no control over. You cannot dictate it with reason or logic.

During visualization you fill your mind with an image or a situation that helps you deal with the leading causes of your anxiety.

Here’s an example: You may have grown up fearing the dentist because of your bad experience with one. He may have extracted your tooth too suddenly, and you felt intense pain. Since then every time you see a dentist or pass through a clinic, you instantly panic.

In visualization, you may be asked to go back to this episode. However, you may find yourself telling the dentist to not pull your teeth so hard, or you will find yourself sitting still and breezing through the extraction.

The visualization technique becomes even more effective with the use of subliminal messages. These are types of messages that are often ignored because they are not processed by the conscious mind but are stored in your subconscious. When used with visualization, these subliminal messages become affirmations or positive statements.

Based on the example mentioned, the subliminal messages may come in the form of “You are not feeling the pain.” “You see your dentist and he’s smiling at you.” “You are aware of the pain, but you have more power to overcome it.”

One of the main reasons for using subliminal messages is to get rid of the negative thoughts that go along with the memory, which, in turn, causes heightened anxiety. Instead, you exchange them with empowerment and more positive thoughts.

You can definitely do visualization on your own. You can look for several tools for guidance. Based on the previous example, you can search for CDs or mp3s that will assist you in getting rid of dentist phobia.

To make visualization more efficient, do it as often as you can, most preferably before you go to sleep. At this state, your mind is more relaxed, and you are more receptive to the subliminal messages.

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