Gain Full Power Over Your Audience with PowerPoint Subliminal Messages

Gain Full Power Over Your Audience with PowerPoint Subliminal Messages

The PowerPoint is a very useful and powerful tool used in selling and marketing nowadays. Salespersons have discovered that using a PowerPoint tool when presenting products and services to potential clients is an effective way of gaining their full attention and making the presentation more interactive.

Gain Full Power Over Your Audience with PowerPoint Subliminal Messages

Aside from that, they find that they are more able to explain what they want to say with visuals on the PowerPoint slides. Having a PowerPoint presentation can also help guide the speaker on the important points of the speech or presentation, which means there will be no forgetting of lines and no getting stumped.

But do you know that you can gain full power over your audience with a simple PowerPoint presentation? Do more than just get their attention. Your presentation can be a powerful tool that helps you get the response that you want.

All you have to do is put subliminal messages in the slides of the PPT presentation. In fact, if you put subliminal images slide after slide, you can create an entire belief system with just a single presentation. At the end of the presentation, your audience’s subconscious minds will be the one telling them what to do about the product or service you are offering.

This means your success simply depends on how you construct your PowerPoint subliminal messages.

Here are some clever but easy ways on how to do this:

1. Download a subliminal messaging application. There are programs specifically intended to create subliminal messages that can be incorporated into your presentations.

2. PowerPoint insert tool. Use PowerPoint’s own “insert” tool to insert the text or graphic into the slide. Then navigate to the animation pane and click animation effects. Choose the “flash once” as the entrance effect for the said text or image, and set the speed to the highest possible level. During the presentation, the text or image will be flashed once, so fast, that it will not be noticeable but the subconscious mind, which is very sensitive, can easily absorb the information delivered by the image or text.

Remember, however, that putting these messages into your PowerPoint presentation is quite easy. The hard part is in creating the messages and images themselves. They have to be positive, specific, and motivational. If you choose the wrong message, you can expect the wrong results.

There is just one rule in creating these messages: stay away from words that have negative connotations or are associated with other negative words.

So if you want to tell the audience to buy a million-dollar product, instead of using the word “buy” in your PowerPoint subliminal, you can use the more profit-oriented word “invest.” Images are much harder because you have to create the image itself. There are tools that can help you create these images. You may be lucky to download them for free from the Internet.

So the next time you’re presenting a product or service to a potential client, make your PowerPoint presentation go the extra mile with PowerPoint subliminal messages.

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