Gain Control over Your Own Body with Weight Lifting Subliminal

Gain Control over Your Own Body with Weight Lifting Subliminal

Have you been working a bit too hard on your weight lifting? Do you get the results you want?

Gain Control over Your Own Body with Weight Lifting Subliminal

Weight lifting is a great way to get rid of the fat in your body and make you look trimmed and toned by developing your muscles. A lot of people, attracted by the prospect of better bodies, eagerly join weight lifting programs. More than half of these people, however, eventually quit without seeing any results.

Weight lifting requires hard work and perseverance, and even if you start seeing some results, there’s no guarantee that those are the results that you want.

But do you know that there is something you can do to get that guarantee? Make your weight lifting efforts come to fruition. Here’s how:

1. Re-focus. A lot of weight lifters eventually lose their motivation because of the absence of any visible results of their efforts. What they don’t know is that the opposite is actually true. They don’t see any results because they are not motivated enough.

So before anything else, re-focus on your goals. Make sure you set reasonable goals. One way of doing this is to set a weekly goal that you can work hard on at the present moment. Some set long term goals and lose their drive along the way. But if you have weekly goals (and perhaps a reward waiting at the end of each week), you will be constantly driven and motivated.

2. Remove all negative thoughts. After just a few weeks on a weight lifting program, a lot of people get overcome with negative thoughts of how they don’t see any changes and how they’re never going to see their ideal bodies in actual. Once these thoughts set in, you might as well stop altogether.

3. Get inspiration. Have you heard of the law of attraction? This is the topic of the controversial self help book called “The Secret.” The book revealed the secret behind the great successes of many great men in history and the reason why a lot of people are now also enjoying the same level of prosperity and fulfillment in everything they do in life. The book would be a worthy read if you feel burnt out from all your weight lifting efforts.

According to the law of attraction, you can gain control over your own destiny – and your own body – if you simply set your mind to it. The law tells us that your mind will, like a magnet, powerfully attract anything you put in it. So if you put negativity in, that’s what you’ll attract. Likewise, if you put positive thoughts, you’ll achieve positive results in whatever you do – including weight lifting.

4. Motivate yourself. So get inspired and start thinking positively. Instead of focusing on the difficulties, think along the following lines:

I am in control of my own body.

I achieve my goals.

I complete my challenges.

I welcome improvements.

These are some examples of subliminal messages, messages that are recognized and get stored in the subconscious level. The subconscious is the mind’s storage unit. While the conscious level jumps from one thought to another, the subconscious absorbs information and influence like a sponge. Once absorbed, thoughts become so deeply embedded that they eventually become the main factors that influence people’s actions, perception, and behavior.

5. Buy a weight lifting subliminal CD. Tired from your daily workouts? Why don’t you sit back in front of the television or beside your CD player and just watch a video or listen to music? Don’t feel guilty about not weight lifting, so long as you are listening or watching a subliminal video.

Weight lifting subliminal CDs are recorded audio or video that blast powerful readymade subliminal messages that can attract weight lifting success into your life. These are widely available online and may also be downloaded for free from some sites.

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